Attention, parents of twins: Bec Judd needs your help.

With just weeks to go until she and husband Chris welcome their identical twin boys into the world, Bec Judd has put Google to bed and called out for some advice from those who have come before her: the fellow parents of twins.

Posting an ultrasound image of her two boys to Instagram on Wednesday night, the blogger and television presenter asked her 526,000 followers, “Attention identical twin mums! Just curious:

“1. How many weeks gestation did you deliver at?”

Ready for babies three and four. Source: Rebecca Judd / Instagram.

"2. At what age could you tell them apart? Straight away, hours, days, weeks, months or still can't? Any tips? I've packed some nail polish for one of them."

After announcing the pregnancy in April, the mum-of-two told Mamamia in July, "all of this is really new to me because having single pregnancies why do you need to know about twins? When I found out I was having twins, and then found out they were identical - which is a completely different ball game to having non-identical twins - my obstetrician sat me down and said, 'look there's a lot that you need to know about having identical twins, it is very different.'"

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And according to the 33-year-old, the learning curve has been a steep one, with the usual rules of pregnancy thrown out the window.

"It's one placenta and two chords, so it's one fuel tank growing two humans, whereas non-identical twins have their own fuel tank each.," she explained at the time. "I'm still in shock that we're having two," she added laughing, "I still don't think I've recovered!"

It's the final countdown. Source: Rebecca Judd / Instagram.

Within hours of posting the questions to her Instagram, Judd was inundated with useful information and helpful tips from mums around the world.

Updating the post shortly after, Judd wrote, "thanks everyone for your replies. Soooooo many good tips! I'll definitely be putting some of them to good use. On a side note - gosh there are a lot of identical twins out there!"

Told to be ready for delivery from anywhere "between 28 to 34 weeks", the countdown for Judd's three and four is well and truly underway.

*Main image via Rebecca Judd / Instagram.

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