Bec Judd's cheeky pic of her "big" husband and "tiny" baby really "does something to the ovaries."

Every baby is cute and tiny.

That’s a given.

But, Bec Judd‘s latest photos of her twin boys, Tom and Darcy, has all our hearts crumbling.

Posting one with her ex-footballer husband, Chris, holding one of their sons (we clearly can’t tell the difference yet) has followers melting.

She captioned the photo, “Big man. Little baby. Does something to the ovaries don’t cha think ladies?”

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The photo has garnered a number of likes, with one commenter writing, “Aww it certainly does! Look how tiny your gorgeous little man is.”

Judd also posted a photo, showing how truly tiny the twins are (this one is Tom):

When your baby’s foot is as big as your thumb. Bless you little man. #thisistom

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In a previous interview with Mamamia, Judd confirmed her life was far from Instagram-perfect, facing the normal challenges any mother does.

“Oscar never ever had a tantrum in public, but Billie doesn’t care… she will throw herself on the floor,” Judd admitted in a podcast. “I just do the ‘goodbye, Billie’ and I just walk and she quickly comes up and follows me, “Mummy, Mummy Mummy!”

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“And she’ll try it on, she’ll flog chocolates and put them in the bottom of the pram and I’ll be like, ‘No, take them back.’ And she’ll have the tantrum. People know it’s me, people know it’s her, but I’m still going to do the right thing. I’ve still got to be a parent. I’m not going to say, “okay, have the chocolates and stop crying.” In my eye that’s not parenting her well. So I’m still like, ‘See you later, Billie.”

Since having her twins, the TV presenter has also faced criticism for being too thin, too soon after birth. But, as she also told us, being slim has always run in the family.

“Thin used to be a body type, now it’s an illness,” she tells me about the critics of her own size. “I have always been thin. My mum is thin. She used to get teased for being thin so we knew we would do, too.”

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