Rebecca Judd and Tony Jones just shared the most awkward moment in TV history.

Oh my god.

OoooooOoOoOOoooh my GOD.

If you tuned in to the Channel 9 News broadcast this evening, you’re probably still cringing so hard your jaw is permanently locked shut, rendering you unable to eat solid food ever again.

I’ll be living off a soup-only diet alongside you.

Because what started off as a heartfelt farewell to weather girl Bec Judd (who had her last appearance tonight before taking maternity leave) turned into TV’s – nay – THE WORLD’S most awkward situation ever.

All I can say is poor Peter Hitchener, who helplessly witnessed Tony Jones leant in for smooch of Bec’s perfect cheek, only to be epically rejected and for the moment to be documented and replayed forever more.

Can we… I can’t… I just…

AHHHHHHHHHHHH IT'S SO CRINGEWORTHY I'm actually howling at my desk.

Tony, Tony, Tony.

We're sure you won't be doing that again any time soon.