Bec Judd just nailed exactly what confuses men so much about tampons.

For some men, the idea of buying tampons resides firmly in their nightmares, but according to Bec Judd and Monty Dimond, it’s one that’s as common as can be in their respective houses.

Speaking on their radio show, The 3pm Pick-Up, both women said their partners have no qualms about heading to the shops to pick up their sanitary products. The problem is, ah, what they decide to pick up.

“I have sent Sam down to get my tampons on several occasions when I get stuck, but no matter how many directions or instructions I give him he always brings back the wrong ones,” Dimond told the program, with both women agreeing it’s a little “like a lolly store” with “different colours, sizes and brands”.

Judd says her husband, Chris, is also obliging when it comes to shopping for tampons.

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“He means well and he is not embarrassed to do it. Whereas I always feel a bit embarrassed going in but he is like, I’ll do it, it’s alright,” she said.

“Anyway, he calls me one day, he is in the aisle [at the supermarket]. And he said to me, ‘I have just grabbed you some tampons but there are all these different sizes, there’s mini, regular and super. I just grabbed mini because you would be mini for sure.’

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“And I was like, get back there! That is not how it works. But guys wouldn’t know how it actually works – that [size is to do] with flow, not vagina size. But I thought, it’s so nice you think it’s mini!”

And while Judd nailed exactly what confuses men so much about tampons, Dimond came to a stunning epiphany that the size of a tampon has absolutely no correlation with vagina size.

“I am not kidding you…I thought a part of it was the size,” she told the program.