Why Bec Judd "didn't enjoy" her wedding all that much.

The first time Bec Judd said ‘I do’ to Chris, her AFL star husband, she was pregnant. Now she wants a do-over, please.

The 3pm Pick Up co-host said her pregnancy meant she didn’t get to enjoy her big day… and it was all because of a lack of champers. (We hear you, Bec.)

“I didn’t enjoy the day as much as I should have,” she said on Monday’s show. “I think I was a little bit envious of everyone having the best time ever.”

“I have no personality without champagne,” she laughed. “At 11.30pm I was tugging on Chris’s shoulder saying ‘I want to go home’ when we had paid for the venue until 3am.”

Judd said she’s been inspired by Today co-host Lisa Wilkinson and her husband, Peter FitzSimons, renewing their vows on their 25th wedding anniversary over the weekend.

But she doesn’t think Chris will be up for a second wedding.

“He says ‘it’s too expensive, we’re still paying off the first wedding’, which we kind of are,’ she told co-host Monty Dimond.

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“It was long before Instagram, let me tell you,” she added.

Judd also says her husband isn’t great with the PDA (that’s public displays of affection for those of you playing along at home) so she thinks he would be a bit embarrassed to declare his love for her – for a second time – in front of a crowd.

“I think there’s a hidden agenda and he’s too embarrassed to say he loves me,” she said.

The radio host also hinted when the time was right she might pop the question.

“I’m going to get down on bended knee tonight,’ she joked.

“You know, because we’re both down on bended knees after the kids trash the place after dinner, scrubbing the food off the concrete floor and I’ll do a little cheeky bended knee down there.”

Bec and Chris married in 2010 and have four kids together – Oscar, six, Billie, three, and twin boys Tom and Darcy, one.

Fingers crossed you get that second wedding, Bec… and, if not, at least a few sneaky champers after all that cleaning.

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