Rebecca Judd's husband Chris has an... interesting approach to packing school lunches.

TV presenter Rebecca Judd has shared her husband Chris Judd’s interesting approach to packing school lunches — and we can’t decide whether it was a slip-up or a bloody good idea.

Posting on Instagram’s ‘stories’ function, Judd captured a picture of hummus stored in an… unusual vessel.

“When dad makes school lunch and puts the hommus in a bug catcher,” she captioned the shot.

But where are the carrot sticks? Source: Instagram.

Look. I see why he's wrong, technically, but I also see why he's right.

Bug catchers are an excellent toy, and being able to play with one might just be the incentive that would make a fussy child eat.

Eat the hummus, catch the bugs. Day done.

My king

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Chris wouldn't be alone in the world of #lunchboxfails - a quick search on Twitter reveals numerous parents have experienced faux pas of their own.

Parenting: we're all in this together.

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Feature image: Instagram/Chris Judd

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