Rebecca and Chris Judd announce they are pregnant.

In an interview with The Herald Sun Rebecca and Chris Judd have announced they are expecting twins.

“We are giddy with excitement but at the same time we are really shocked,” Rebecca told the publication. “We can’t quite believe it.”

“We were weighing up whether to go for a third. We thought we would give it a try, and the first go we ended up having twins, which was so unexpected.”

The twins will be babies number three and four for the couple who have a son Oscar, age four, and a daughter Billie, age two.

Rebecca told The Herald Sun that while they know one of the babies is a boy, the sex of the other twin is yet to be confirmed. The Channel 9 presenter revealed that the eight week scan did not pick up the second baby, and it wasn’t until the 12-week appointment that Judd number four was revealed.


“We are really going to have to re-evaluate everything now: work, life, cars, house — everything. I think I might need a mini van,” Rebecca says.

“It will be loud, and it will be crazy.”

Bec discusses juggling her kids and work on I Don’t Know How She Does It:

Being a weather presenter for Channel 9 meant Rebecca was not able to keep her pregnancy on the down-low for much longer. In fact, some astute viewers had already begun to send her messages, congratulating the couple on their pregnancy.

“Half of my job live on air is turning to the side,” she told the Herald Sun.

“There is nowhere to hide.”

It’s about to get a whole lot busier in the Judd household. Congratulations to the whole family!

You can listen to the full episode of Rebecca Judd’s I Don’t Know How She Does It below.

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