EXCLUSIVE: A very pregnant Rebecca Judd tells us exactly where her twins were conceived.

Rebecca Judd is having an impossibly beautiful pregnancy.

I expect that when I’m pregnant, I’ll look like a mixture between Hagrid from Harry Potter and Gollum from Lord of the Rings (not sure why – it’s just an instinct).

But when you’re a TV presenter, model, co-founder of Beauty EDU and ambassador for The Skin Care company, you don’t just have a healthy pregnancy glow. You literally look like a princess.

Perhaps the most refreshing thing about Rebecca, however, is that when she talks about motherhood and her pregnancy, she doesn’t paint a perfect picture. She’s honest and raw and funny, and let’s us inside the crazy journey of finding out you’re going to go from a mother-of-two to a mother-of-four much more quickly than you thought.

The 33-year-old is currently 26 weeks along with identical twin boys, who, she says, are likely to arrive somewhere between the 28 and 34 week mark.

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So Mamamia’s Katy Hall chatted to the glowing Postcards host about discovering she was pregnant with twins, and whether she had an inkling early on that this might be a different type of pregnancy.

But first, with her arrival date just around the corner, we asked Rebecca how she’s prepared for the arrival of her twin boys. “The nursery’s not done,” she laughs, suggesting there’s still a lot to do. “I’ve ordered some car seats and some cots but nothing has really arrived yet.”

“I’m still in shock that I’m having two,” she says. “We weren’t even sure if we wanted a third!”

It was on holiday in New Zealand when Rebecca and her husband, former professional AFL player Chris Judd, started thinking about having a third baby.

Rebecca says: “We thought ‘let’s just try this month’ and before we could even reconsider, I was pregnant.”

And straight away, she knew there was something different about this pregnancy.

“There’s a test where you can find out if you’re pregnant four days before your period’s due,” she says. “And I had a hens day to go to.”

“I think it was about six days before I was due, so these are my girlfriends who love getting tequila shots…and going nuts, and I just had this feeling.

Rebecca with her husband Chris, daughter Billie and son Oscar. Image via Instagram: @becjudd.


"I thought I better do a pregnancy test. I knew it was six days before hand and the test wasn't actually sensitive enough to pick it up. But I did the whole pee on a stick thing, and the second the pregnancy line came up so strong and so fast, I was like WOW I'm pregnant!"

For her previous pregnancies, Rebecca says it had always taken a while for the second line to emerge.

"With Billie and Oscar, I'd have to wait, I'd throw it in the bin, I'd walk back ten minutes later and grab it out of the bin to be like 'oh, I am pregnant!'"

"This one came up so early and the test wasn't even supposed to tell that I was pregnant. So I thought that was weird and I showed my husband...and he was like, 'we only had sex like two days ago.'"

Laughing, Rebecca says she really did know "something was up."

"I started feeling really, really sick, and I never got sick with Billie or Oscar, never had any early pregnancy symptoms," she explains.

But at her first visit to the obstetrician, her doctor assured her there was only one baby.

It was only when she went back for a routine scan, when she was about 11 weeks pregnant, that she heard the news.


"I jumped up on the bed, and he scanned me and I said, 'what is that blob?'" she recalls. "He got this funny little grin like he was about to start laughing at my expense, and he goes, 'that's a second kid.'"

So, Rebecca reacted how I'm sure most people react when they're told they're having twins. She started having heart palpitations.

"There was sweat," she says, and she automatically told her doctor: "You better call my husband, because last time he was in here you said there was one!"

"So he called my husband and all he could hear was f-bombs down the phone."

It doesn't seem the shock has worn off for Rebecca, who says, "Even thinking about that moment now still makes me feel giddy and sweaty and clammy, I don't think I've recovered."

As a twin myself, my only message to Rebecca is this: my mum is a saint, and you will be too.