Bec Judd refuses to toe the line when it comes to pregnancy 'rules'.

The list of food no-nos for pregnant women seems to get longer and longer every year. But Bec Judd isn’t having a bar of it.

While she subscribed to the so-called ‘rules’ with her first child, Oscar, the 33-year-old presenter, model and blogger decided to relax them this time around for her unborn twins.

“I’m not worried about raw fish and soft cheese, not when they’re sourced from Aussie suppliers,” she told New Idea. “I’m careful about shopping for those types of food, but I know pasteurised foods are fine.”

The Melbourne-based mum of two came to the decision after several discussions with her obstetrician, saying she now feels completely comfortable with her choice.

“I had oysters from Aptus Seafoods in South Melbourne [recently], and they’re the best in the country,” she said. “I’m careful with it, I’m not stupid.”

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The issue is a divisive one, as the comments on New Idea’s Facebook post demonstrated.

Several followers expressed their concern that Judd is putting her unborn bub at risk.

However, others were quick to defend her and her right to choose what she consumes while expecting.

Regardless, we can't wait to see those twinning little bubs when they join the Judds in October.