Bec Judd issues strong warning against paparazzi who invaded her home.

With an illustrious media career under her belt and an AFL star husband, being hounded by the paparazzi is certainly no new territory for Rebecca Judd.

But on Tuesday the 33-year-old – who is due to give birth to twins before the end of the year – announced a paparazzo ‘crossed the line’ when they trespassed onto her private property.

In a stern Instagram post, the soon to be mum-of-four posted an image of the paparazzo’s car driving away to her 523,000 followers.

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With it, the Channel Nine weather presenter wrote, “Hey paparazzo- why are you in such a hurry to leave?”

“Oh because you and I both know it’s illegal to sneak onto somebody’s private property without their permission, take pictures of them and sell them for commercial gain,” she said.

While Bec said she’s aware that her family will be papped while out in public, she strongly condemned the photographer for attempting to take images at her family home.

“I know we are fair game in public places but trespassing on our private property is crossing the line,” she wrote.

“First and final warning.”

 "First and final warning." (Image: Instagram @BecJudd)

Within an hour, the post had been liked thousands of times, and commenters urged Bec to report the driver's registration plate to police.

One particular sentiment was echoed by fans: You don't mess with a mum and her kids - let alone one who's seven months pregnant.

Brava for calling this one out, Bec.