The day Bec Judd found out she was pregnant for the first time was really not ideal.

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As far as timing goes, learning that you’re growing a tiny human inside your own body the day before one of the booziest nights of your life probably isn’t ideal.

Especially when you weren’t trying to get pregnant at all and the baby news is a total accident happy surprise.

That’s exactly what happened to mum-of-four Bec Judd, who revealed on Mamamia’s pregnancy podcast Hello Bump she discovered she was pregnant with her first baby the day before her hens party.


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When she told her husband-to-be at the time Chris Judd, he was over the moon. But Bec’s response was a little different.

“I went in and showed him [the positive pregnancy test] and he gave me a big hug,” she said.

“I thought, ‘No, it’s my hens day tomorrow and I was going to slam some tequila shots and get really pissed!'”

And just like that, he’s off……

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The news didn’t bode well for the lavish New Year’s Eve wedding the couple had also planned.

“Do you know how much extra money we had to pay to have a New Year’s Eve wedding because I wanted everyone to have a big party and just get trolleyed?

“The wedding’s ruined, the hen’s party is ruined. This is just all crap.”

The 34-year-old said she had no idea pregnancy was even a possibility, and only learned after baby Oscar made an unexpected appearance in utero that she had been miscalculating her ovulation dates for years.

Perth mornings ????

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“We were always really careful…I always thought that I was a day 14 ovulator so we just never had sex around that time,” she shared.

“What I found out later, was that I was actually an early ovulator. So when we were having sex around day 10, where I thought we were in the safe zone, that was actually when I was dropping eggs left, right and centre.”

Not realising she’d been having sex at her most fertile time of the month and with no obvious signs of pregnancy, Bec had no reason to suspect she may be expecting.


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It wasn’t until a ‘psychic moment’ while cleaning that the television personality and model thought to ‘pee on a stick’, so to speak.

“I had a pregnancy test in the cupboard from a scare maybe two years before…but I was cleaning out the cupboard and this pregnancy test just flew out. It was so weird, I just had this urge to do it,” she said.

“I’d never had that urge before and I had no pregnancy symptoms. So I weed on it…double line…I was like ‘WHAT THE BLEEP’!”

After buying “about five boxes” of tests from the chemist and seeing them all come back positive, Bec realised that she had been experiencing some typical signs of pregnancy.

“I started realising that I did have sore boobs and I had weird little crampy things, but I just thought I was getting my period,” she said.

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