Rebecca Judd opens up about getting a helping hand with the growing demands of her family.

With four kids under six and a frenetic career under her belt, it’s near impossible to comprehend how Rebecca Judd functions on a daily basis.

Just seven weeks after the birth of her newborn sons, twins Tom and Darcy, the 33-year-old has opened up about the realities of life as a working parent. More specifically, how she and ex-AFL star husband Chris are getting a helping hand with the growing demands at home.

“Next year, we are very excited, because my mum is moving over from WA,” Bec told the Today show’s Lisa Wilkinson on Wednesday morning. “So she is going to live with us for twelve months.”

An added bonus is that “Chris’ family also lives down the road – which is great,” the Jaggad entrepreneur said.


Interestingly, the Channel Nine weather presenter isn’t the first high-profile Aussie to have their mum move in. In June it was revealed that the mother of PR mogul Roxy Jacenko, Doreen, lives in her penthouse apartment to assist with childcare.

“My mother Doreen lives in the apartment upstairs and provides our family with support and occasional childcare, when we need it,” Jacenko wrote in a three-page character reference to a judge about her husband.

Aside from Bec’s mum Kerry and the family’s nanny, who also helps Bec and Chris out on three days a week, the glamour couple said they stick to a strict schedule to get everything done.

A crazy routine, I am a routine mum. I have to be,” Bec explained. “We keep a little diary, Tom on one side Darcy on this side – feeds, poos, sleeps, the whole schedule, it’s a juggle.”

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While the brand ambassador said her sleeping patterns have been disrupted, she’s relishing this time at home with the twins, daughter Billie and eldest son Oscar.

“I still feel like I’m fluking it and just getting through. I know it’s kind of an old cliche but they say take it one day at a time – I’m taking it one hour at the time and that’s just the way you’ve got to be.

“I’m just trying to slow it down and enjoy the chaos because it’s never going to be like this again – these are the golden days.”