Rebecca Judd: "I wish the twins would come so I could have a quiet holiday in hospital."

On Monday afternoon, Rebecca Judd was every Melburnian school mum.

“Day one of school holidays almost down guys, how did we go?” A very (very, very) pregnant Bec Judd asked her 532,000 fans in her latest Instagram story.

While the 33-year-old mum put her feet up for a moment, little Oscar, 5, and daughter Billie, 2, danced around the living room squealing and giggling.

“The day’s not even done yet,” she added.

 "The day's not even done yet." (Images: Bec Judd/Instagram)  

Just over 33 weeks pregnant with identical twin boys, the TV host and model is hanging out for her approaching due date, captioning the noisy video: "I wish the twins would come so I could have a quiet holiday in hospital."

Showing her burgeoning baby belly, the former speech pathologist is beginning to struggle to see her own feet let alone chase after a toddler and preppy. Of course, she had a little assistance along the way, though (in Tim Tams we trust).

Mmmmmm TimTams. (Images: Bec Judd/Instagram)

Bec and her husband - ex-AFL star and Brownlow medallist Chris Judd - recently moved into what they call "the ranch", an expansive property on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula.

“It’s a big property so the kids can just run around,” the Channel Nine weather presenter told the Herald Sun in July.

“There are rolling hills and meadows, and kangaroos jumping everywhere. It’s beautiful and only an hour from home.”

The couple's property includes a three-bedroom house that will be extended, as well as two lakes and a neighbouring creek.

As she's been given strict orders of bed rest from doctors, Bec said her husband has picked up her additional roles around the house flawlessly.

“He gets home from work, gets dinner, does the dishes, while I’m on the couch," she said.

“Football, parenthood, work, life, he is an A-grader. I’m really lucky.”

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