Bec Judd has school-holiday-problems too.

Ahh supermodel celebs, they’re just like us.

Channel 9 weather presenter Bec Judd has proven she’s just like any other (super hot) working mum.

Bec took her little boy Oscar, 3, to work with her on Sunday night and he proved to be a natural. Must be in the genes.

Bec and Oscar (Image via Instagram)

Maybe Bec should be a little worried about holding down her job... Oscar's probably a lot cheaper to employ, if he can get around the minimum age requirements.

But also he might need to work with a stylist, Bec says the Crocs just won't fly on television.

"I didn't have the heart to tell him we can't wear crocs on air. Tune in from 6pm and I'll have the latest weather forecast. #scriptinhand#wellprepared," she captioned the snap on Instagram.

A screen shot from the video of Oscar reading his mum's script. Yes it is upside-down. (Image via Instagram)

She also posted an adorable video of Oscar having a crack at reading his mum's weather script, with a few of his own embellishments.

"When it's windy, you have to put a hoody on," he declares.

Very good advice, Oscar.

To see a bit more of Bec Judd and her gorgeous family CLICK THROUGH the gallery...

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