Rebecca Judd just shared pictures of every little girl's dream bedroom.

With two young kids in the house and another two on the way, things in Chris an Rebecca Judd‘s household are anything but short of eventful.

And on Tuesday night, the family four reached another milestone, with daughter Billie finally making her way to a big bed.

Sharing a post of her two-year-old daughter’s revamped room on Instagram, Judd wrote, “Big night in the Judd house- my baby girl moves into her big girl bed.”

The big girl bedroom! Source: Instagram.

The room includes a purple single bed, a pink bed spread, rocking horse, and hanging lanterns, as well as a painting by Australian artist Sara Winfield.

And of course in true Bec fashion, she knows sharing is caring and even gave some tips on how to achieve the look.

"Always go a size bigger in your doona/bed cover to get the nice side drape, and to achieve that fluffy, full look I buy an 'all season' doona which is usually two clipped together inside."

Speaking to Mamamia's Holly Wainwright, Judd says that when it comes to parenting, she's straight down the line.

Now at the halfway mark with her twin identical sons, Judd has talked openly about her growing "mummy tummy" and how to juggle the pressures of two children, a pregnancy, a marriage, a hosting position on Channel 9's Postcards and the many brand partnerships she is also partnered with.

"I never give empty threats," she tells me. "I say that if you do that again, you will go to your room. So if Billie's banging a book on Oscar's head, and I tell her if you do that again the book's going, it goes... And she'll kick and scream and carry on like she's being stabbed. But what do you know, she never does it again."

Bec talks to Mamamia about her first weeks with Oscar. Post continues... 

Well, if she was wanting to have a tantrum, the new big girl room looks like a pretty great place to be trapped and left to think about your actions.

Happy sleeping, Billie!

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