Rebecca Judd poses the ultimate engagement ring question to her followers.

It divided everyone (even us).

Rebecca Judd says it’s time – time to reset her engagement ring. And her dilemma has split her fans right down the middle.

The 32-year-old Australian model and TV presenter plans to take the diamond from her Paul Bram Diamonds engagement ring and place the stone in a new setting.

Bec, who married Australian Football League player Chris Judd in 2010, posted a photo of her engagement ring on Instagram yesterday with the following caption: “New halo setting for my stone? Husband says no. I say yes yes yes. @paulbramdiamonds”.

Bec Judd: "New halo setting for my stone? Husband says no. I say yes yes yes. @paulbramdiamonds" (via Instagram)

Chris proposed to Bec in 2009 with a ring he had designed with the help of Paul Bram Diamonds head designer Sam Thomas.

"It is a solitaire diamond. It is gorgeous, absolutely amazing," Bec's manager Lucy Mills told the Sydney Morning Herald.

Bec Judd's original engagement ring (via Getty Images).

But Bec's ring dilemma has appeared to divide Instagram followers.

Some think Bec's desire to change her ring setting was completely fine.

But others warned Bec resetting your engagement ring brings bad luck, with some fans even asking the star whether her ring held any sentimental value for her.

Do you think resetting your engagement ring is bad luck?

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