CULT BUY: You can own Bec Judd's incredible dress, and still pay your bills.

Guys, Bec Judd has found the perfect dress to keep the summer feels alive as we descend into a long, cold winter of Netflix and trackies.

Hardworking, versatile and effortless, this dress might be the best multitasker we’ve ever seen (and soon, owned).

At a cool $299, it’s the kind of purchase you make when you need a garment that can go the distance.

On location for @9postcards in @steele__ ????: @colinjswan

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It can do weddings (plural, because who has the cash for a new outfit every time someone ties the knot?).

It can do work.

It can do barbecues, christenings, birthday drinks or a day at the beach. It can do no wrong.

The cinched-in elastic waistband adds shape while maintaining flexibility for eating all of the food.


It’s flattering against all skin tones (even redheaded gals like myself who’ve been told they can’t wear red).

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It goes with heels, boots, flats or barefoot — whatever takes your fancy. You can show leg, one shoulder or even two if you’re feeling good.

And we love that it was designed in Melbourne by a great Aussie fashion label, Steele.

If you’re keen, you can shop the look here. And don’t worry, this post isn’t sponsored. We just bloody love the dress.

What’s your favourite all-occasions outfit?

Listen: Bec Judd tells the I Don’t Know How She Does It podcast how she balances her career and her family life.

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