Bec Judd responds to criticism of her daughter's 'lavish' birthday party.

Bec Judd has hit back at criticism her daughter’s birthday party was over the top by sharing how she pulled it off.

Judd held a LOL Doll-themed party over the weekend to celebrate her daughter Billie’s fifth birthday and while many of her followers praised the effort as a five year old’s dream, other criticised it as ‘lavish’ and ‘OTT’ and said Judd was spoiling Billie.

(Because sharing negative opinions about the birthday parties of other people’s children is something people do in 2019, okay?!).


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Happy birthday to our one and only Princess. The LOL Doll obsession is real…. for all of us ????????

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Party time. LOL Doll much? ????????

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In response to the trolls, Judd broke down some of the costs of the party and showed that it’s not as glamorous or exxy as people assumed.

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"Kmart accessories, home made fairy bread and fruit skewers, a cake from the shop around the corner and party supplies from the discount party shop - hardly lavish," she captioned a post on her Insta story.

Judd's followers have come to her defence on the images of Billie's party (and asked for more deets - because they want to throw a similar party for their children).

"I can't believe some of the comments," wrote one follower. "I think Billie's party was tasteful, not over the top and a great theme for a little girl. I'm sure she would have had a wonderful day."

"It’s a cake with fairy bread, paper plates and a few balloons. Looks like a pretty acceptable kids’ party for a five year old, to me," said another. "I DIY my kids’ parties that cost very little and look quite similar to this. It’s nobody’s business anyway. Ignore the trolls, I say."

If you're a parent, you likely need no introduction to LOL Dolls - the collectable dolls are the biggest toy on the market right now. Each doll comes inside a plastic pod and it's a mystery as to what one you'll get until it has been opened.

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