"It's freaking me out": Bec Judd films her cat's obsession with her very pregnant belly.

Bec Judd has a legion of fans. A quick glance at her Instagram feed all but confirms the fact she has a fiercely loyal following, ready to pounce on anything she endorses; from cars all the way to candles.

But it seems Judd has a newest fan in her own house, and it happens to be the family’s cat who appears relentlessly protective of her pregnant belly and the twins inside.

Posting to Instagram this morning, Judd filmed her cat holding firm to her ever growing belly.

“This cat is seriously obsessed with my belly today it’s freaking me out,” she said.

Image via Instagram/BecJudd.

"It's like she's protecting them or something. She's seriously all over them and this little guy keeps kicking her in the head."

Vision in the video showed Judd's cat, Cherry, sitting tight and smothering her belly in a very adorable show of love (we think?).

Judd is gearing up to give birth basically any day from now, 30 weeks pregnant and having said that her twins boys are likely to arrive somewhere between the 28 and 34 week mark.

Bec Judd talks about her pregnancy with twins. Post continues after video...

The weather presenter told Mamamia last month that the news of impending twins came as a massive shock to her and husband Chris.

"There was sweat," she said, upon hearing hearing the news. She automatically told her doctor: "You better call my husband, because last time he was in here you said there was one!"

"Even thinking about that moment now still makes me feel giddy and sweaty and clammy, I don't think I've recovered."

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