The moment of desperation that led Bec Judd to wear a baby's nappy.

Any woman who’s thought ‘I’ll just hold on’ rather than toilet knows how quickly a slight discomfort can turn unbearable.

Desperate as you might have felt, we bet you’ve never experienced the desperation of Bec Judd – whose quick thinking saved her from an unfortunate accident.

You see, when the TV presenter got herself into a sticky situation weeks after giving birth to her daughter Billie, she resorted to using the only thing on hand at the time – a babby’s nappy.

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The mum-of-four shared the anecdote on KIIS FM’s 3pm Pickup on Monday afternoon.

Bec told cohost Katie ‘Monty’ Dimond that when Billie was just a couple of weeks old, she made a trip into the city that nearly ended with embarrassment.

By the time she was ready to leave she needed to pee, but with the baby already strapped in Bec made the decision to “just hold on” and wait until she got home, “not really thinking ‘you’ve just pushed a baby out of there and your pelvic floor’s not as good as it used to be'”.

“I sit in the driver’s seat and I’m like ‘oh my God, it’s actually about to come out’. I can’t hold this in, I’m so post-natal,” the 34-year-old recounted.


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“Luckily I had a spare nappy in the glove box, so I just whacked it on… and away we went.”

Bec clarified she was wearing stretchy maternity jeans at the time and scooched down in her seat to avoid being seen while she slipped the nappy down her pants and positioned it in her undies. At the end of her trip, she threw the nappy away.

“And may I just add, those Huggies nappies are so absorbent. No spills, no leaks, no worries,” she added.

Far from being put off by the experience, Bec said it worked so well she thought “hey, this could really take off”.

We’ll remember Bec’s handy tip should the need ever arise.

Have you ever worn a nappy in an emergency?