Why Bec Hewitt hasn't taken her Christmas tree down for eight years.

Here’s a fun fact: Bec Hewitt’s Christmas tree is almost the same age as her eldest daughter.

The mother-of -three has revealed her growing family have had the same tree for eight years, almost as long as Mia, 10, has been around.

In a recent interview with Pop Sugar, the 33-year-old revealed she hadn’t been able to go to town on the decorations this year because they’ve been leaving abroad, but ordinarily she is a huge fan of the silly season.

“I don’t know if this is a little bit sad but our Christmas tree has been up for eight years,” she told PS.

“Because we fly in and it’s nearly Christmas time, and then we have to leave for the Australian Open in a hurry, so we just don’t get round to it; I’m busy packing. However, I have taken it down, because I want my kids to have the joy of decorating the Christmas tree!”

“It doesn’t matter what time you come to my house, it’s Christmas,” she joked.

“The kids would like, one year, to decorate the house with Christmas lights. That’s something they look forward to.”

The former actress, who’s just been named Barbie’s Christmas ambassador, has three kids with her partner Lleyton Hewitt, whom she married in 2005.


And the couple’s children – Mia, Cruz and Ava – are as keen on the festivities as she is, she said.

“[My favourite thing is the] kids walking out to see that Santa’s been, that moment I just want to hold on to for as long as I can, I just think it’s so beautiful. And also just having everyone together! Eating! I love custard,” Bec told PS.

Bec also revealed the family love to spend Christmas Day down under.

When asked what she’d prefer between an Aussie Chrissy or a white one, she replied:

“You know what, if I want it to feel like Christmas and keep up the traditions, I would say Aussie. You can be with your family, and I know Christmas as being hot.”

She did admit, however, she’d love to spend one year in New York.

Given that last month Bec batted away rumours of a split from Lleyton when she revealed the couple haven’t had a fight in nearly 11 years, we reckon the Hewitts have probably got many more to Christmases to come.