Kate Ritchie opens up about her 'feud' with Bec Hewitt.

It was on Nova’s Kate, Tim and Marty that former Home and Away star Kate Ritchie spoke about her apparent feud with another former Home and Away star, Bec Hewitt.

It seems the glossy mag rumour mill was whirring out lies. In fact, Ritchie said the alleged feud she had with Hewitt was one of the ‘craziest stories’ she’d ever had told about her. Because frankly – it wasn’t true.

The 'feud' is fake.

The 37-year-old told Nova's radio host Marty Sheargold, "I think my that I've been at war with Bec Hewitt. And the fact that we're not talking because Bec didn't ever come to meet my baby, which is actually not true at all."

The rumours about a big feud between the two close friends started circulating in August last year, just after Ritchie had her baby daughter, Mae. (We wrote about their 'feud' here.)

It all started when Bec said something as simple as, 'Oh no I haven't yet met your baby', Ritchie said on the radio show.

"And that became this scandalous thing," she said.

Kate Ritchie and her daughter Mae. Image via @kateritchieofficial Instagram.

The media also 'reported' that Lleyton Hewitt was partly to blame for the friendship going sour.

“Sadly their connection has gone cold in the last couple of years as they’ve become caught up in the complications of their own lives," Woman’s Day said.

“It’s nothing personal against them, but Lleyton is just not interested in people who are not sporting or tennis-related,” a friend of the couple’s told the magazine.

So it seems that the friendship between two of our favourite Home and Away stars is still very much alive and well.


What's the worst friendship feud you've been involved in?

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