The Block's Bec shares the ups and downs of her second trimester.

“There are probably a few of you saying, ‘Oh come on Bec, first world problems!'”

I am over half way there! I have been told by many people that the second trimester is by far the best one and so far I would have to agree. (To read all about Bec’s first trimester, click here.) I graced my local coffee shop earlier this week and barista Carl smiled and told me, “You are well and truly pregnant now, Bec.” It is the time when you no longer feel pudgy and start to see and feel this incredible little human growing inside hotel uterus.

While I will refer to some things being better than others in pregnancy, please remember that it’s all relative. This is still MY interpretation and experiences so far. I have not had, by all accounts, a ‘textbook’ pregnancy at the beginning which I shared with you all. But on a nicer note, I thought I would celebrate some of the highlights that have stood out for me so far. Everyone keeps reminding me to enjoy it because before I know it I will be uncomfortably big and, not long after that, the pregnancy will be over.

Bec Douros at 20 weeks.

1. The biggest highlight for me... baby kicks!

Aside from knowing your beautiful little person is well on their way, baby kicks have absolutely been the most special and fascinating experience for me. I started feeling little flutters at 18 weeks to the day and I honestly don’t think I will ever forget that first moment. Now, at 21 weeks those little flutters are getting a little stronger and I keep getting reminded that soon they are not so lovely but for the time being I am going to enjoy every little twist and turn my little one makes.

2. The pregnancy 'glow'.

Once again this is something that everyone tells you they see in you but I have to admit that I often wondered if people just say it because they know you are pregnant. But I've decided it does exist. I no longer feel dull and yucky like in my first trimester and have noticed a difference in my skin all over my body.

Bec's ultrasound pictures.

3. The 20-week scan.

Obviously the most important scan to monitor bub’s development but it is also so, so amazing. It was and still is such a surreal experience to see how much they have grown and developed. The best part of my 20 week scan was seeing my little one laying there with it’s legs crossed and arms behinds it’s head. Exactly how my George watches TV... this was so funny and my sister and girlfriends couldn’t stop laughing.


4. The babymoon.

We had a trip to America on the cards for this October but since I am due then this was something we had to change… but we thought why not have our last hoorah and just bring the trip forward. It is a great excuse for us to enjoy our last trip as Bec and George and just lap up some ‘us’ time because lets be real, our next holiday will be something ‘baby friendly’. I had to get clearance from my doctor but I am safe to fly up until the end of July so we leave in 2 weeks. Can’t wait!

5. Not being able to tie up my shoelaces.

Not to finish on a sour note but this has been one of the things I have hated about pregnancy so far. I can't do much without some help. Yes, it’s true. Things like tying my shoes and getting in and out of my car have started to become a real chore. On the up side, I get fussed over a little which is nice too.

6. Having the biggest boobs in the world.

There are probably a few of you saying, "Oh come on Bec, first world problems!" Well, I have always been 'blessed' in that department and now that I am pregnant my boobs are HUGE and just get in the way. They hurt, my nipples look like the size of the moon and when I roll over in bed I swear they clap. I am convinced this is the cause of my back pain and I cringe at the thought that they are only going to get bigger. It's all for a good cause I know.

What was your second trimester like?

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