"Pram shopping for me was a bigger decision than my wedding ring."

I asked so many people about what pram to buy. I spent countless nights on google reading reviews and comment and then I went into the shops and found I was very overwhelmed by choice.  I have to admit that pram shopping for me was a huge decision, this pram is going to be with me for years and also be the little safe haven for my child. I needed to get it right!

After asking countless other mums with no luck I remained confused and pramless with a bub on the way and a few sleepless nights thinking about it. Of all the things I obsessed over as a pregnant woman the pram has consumed the most time and the cot but that is a whole other story.

"The moment you realise your PJs you wore just the night before dont fit anymore... #pregnantproblems #overnightgrowthspurts #thestruggleisreal #sevenmonths #itsnotallrainbowsandsunshine" Image via Instagram.

So we decided to go and take some prams for a spin, the sales assistant had a good word to say about pretty much all of them but in her defence they’re right. Most prams these days really, really good and this is what makes it is so hard to choose. It comes down to what you will use it for, really. So I put together and thought about what I was going to use the pram for besides the obvious of putting my baby inside. Here is what helped me decide on my pram of choice.

Bec with her pram. Image supplied.

I am due in October. This means nicer weather… we will be walking, probably every other day or so to the coffee shop at least 1km away.

As much as I love accessorising, I don’t know what the gender of my child is so a pink bassinet attachment or a camouflage visor really isn’t my priority. Black or grey will do the job and is a tan leather handle that important?

I will most likely be walking with the dogs also, so nice sized wheels, preferably four will do the trick.

I would like a bassinet attachment to begin with because I plan on staring at my child probably 45 minutes out of an hour, every hour of every day, until it sinks in that I am actually a mumma bear.

When do I plan on having baby number 2? Well, not to scare George with yet another list of our next 3 year plan, realistically I would say 12 - 18 months after this little bundle arrives. So, this means I need a pram that will transform into a mini semi trailer of sorts to house both my babies in comfort.

Practical accessories. I would like a drink cup holder for those coffee walks, and any other bits and pieces that will make my life easier as a mum.

Lastly, I imagine that I need something that will house all my bags too because what I have come to realise is babies come with A LOT of baggage (in a nice way).


Okay, after all my research and trials, the pram I decided on was the Baby Jogger. Now, I will be honest. My sister went with a Baby Jogger stroller and I did get to have a few walks with my nephew which is so different than walking a pram around in a store. This could have sealed the deal for me.

She went with the Baby Jogger City Elite with three wheels, whilst a nice pram, this wasn’t for me, for a few reasons.

So, I researched more of the Baby Jogger strollers and discovered the Baby Jogger City Select, it ticked all the boxes for me.

George with the pram. Image supplied.

Four wheels. For me I felt very in control. It was an easy ride, nice big wheels and felt right when I tried it.

The bassinet attachment. Like most prams this is offered as an extra and suits me just fine for all those staring competitions I plan on having with my baby.

It converts into a double pram for when I want to have another baby.

Practical Accessories Galore.

It comes in various colours, but the charcoal and black offered were just what I was looking for.

The price was reasonable. At just over $1,000 with the bassinet attachment, I could justify the years of use I will get out of it. As when baby number 2 comes, I will be able to have it in the bassinet and baby number 1 in the seat at the same time.

There are a few differences that might sway you either way, (like, er, the price…) should you be in the market for a pram and have as much clue as me (which is zip). But I suggest you see through the foggy windows and think about what you want from this pram and then you will be able to work out what is best for you and not so much about getting one for the looks, although I think mine looks great too...winning!

You can find out more information about my pram of choice here.

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What pram do you have?

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