The Block couple announce pregnancy after 3 years of trying.

So what colour will the nursery be?

The Block’s Bec and George Douros have announced that they’re expecting a baby after trying for three years.

The couple have been open about their struggles to conceive, and the devastating miscarriage Bec Douros suffered.

“One of the most common questions we get asked is…’when are you going to have a baby?’ and we always reply ‘hopefully soon.’ But what a lot of people don’t know is that like a lot of other couples, we have had issues in the baby making-department,” Bec Douros, 28, has written in her blog.

The couple announced their baby news with this cute picture. Image via Facebook

“I have come to realise that there are a lot of couples that struggle to get pregnant and more tragically suffer miscarriages. It is something that is unspoken but shouldn’t be because it happens to one in 5 women.”

Now, the Douroses will become three, with the baby due late this year.

“We will be welcoming a special addition to our family this October…Yep we are having a BABY and we are both over the moon ‪#‎excited‬ ‪#‎nervous‬ ‪#‎babybecorgeorge‬ ‪#‎nextchapter‬ ‪#‎theblock‬ ‪#‎blockbaby‬,” reads their Facebook announcement.

The couple first appeared on Channel Nine’s The Block Sky High in 2013 and returned this year for The Block Triple Threat.

The Douroses have endured a miscarriage and the loss of Bec’s mother over the past three years. Image via Facebook

Bec Douros lost her mother to breast cancer just weeks before her The Block debut with her husband George, 30.

“It is unfortunate that I won’t get to share this experience with my mother but I am so blessed that I had an amazing teacher,” she wrote on her blog.

Since their last appearance on The Block, the pair finished renovations on their Melbourne home and are ready for the next chapter.

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“Thank you for your well wishes! We can’t for this next journey in our lives and sharing it with you all! Baby and I are well,” Bec Douros posted to Facebook recently.

So far, no word on the nursery, but design plans are no doubt underway.