I’m a beauty writer. Here’s the 6 pieces of skincare advice I’d give my younger self.

As a beauty writer, I get to annoy some of the top experts in the beauty industry. Particularly dermatologists and skin experts.

I ask them questions about the best way to do things, what ingredients I should and shouldn't use, the brands that are actually worth using, how to not f**k up my skin, etc.

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And over the years, I've discovered there are many, many things I could be doing differently to keep my skin healthy, happy and not pissed off.

So, you know what I thought I'd do? I thought I'd share some of the stuff I wish I'd known earlier. The skincare advice I'd give to my younger self.

1. Stop destroying your face with St Ives Apricot Scrub.

But it feels so good and clean! So soft! Is cheap!

No, baby Erin. Stop. Pls.

If you're anything like me, you used to tear your face apart DAILY with those tiny abrasive walnut shells in your St Ives Apricot Scrub. 

It was almost like a rite of passage to have one of these bad boys lurking around your bathroom when you were a teen. But sweet mercy, they weren't a good time for your poor face.

Enter: Inflammation, redness, sensitivity - gang's all here!

While we're all about the quest for soft, smooth, glowy skin, there are better ways to go about it (aka supporting your skin's precious barrier with nourishing moisturisers!).

2. You don't need to use Proactiv. 

Did I need to strip my face apart and wig it the hell out with benzoyl peroxide just because I had a few breakouts on my forehead? I'm going to say... no.

But I did! Goodness I did. My older brother used to use Proactiv, so when I was around 15/16 I started using it too. I didn't need to use it. At all. 

It made my face feel tight, irritated and red. And I... kept using it. For years.


If I could go back, I'd tell myself to listen to my skin and scale it back. Use gentle products. Ones that I actually enjoy using. Because if it feels sore and dry - it's not right.

3. Quit tearing up your face with blackhead strips.

Me and blackhead strips were TIGHT growing up. Used like a pack a week. And boy was it satisfying tearing out the dirt and oil. (It was). 

But then I'd wonder why the blackheads on my nose and chin kept... coming back.

Turns out blackhead strips aren't actually the solution to your blackhead problems - while they're a fun temporary fix, they'll end up doing your skin more harm than good. Tearing an adhesive strip off your skin on the regular could cause skin trauma, such as broken capillaries and pigmentation.

So, ye poor lamb. Let’s pull it back a bit on the blackhead strip front, yeah? 

Instead, work on the prevention game and replace these with a clay mask or a cleanser or serum with salicylic acid.

4. Is that a brush you're using? To scrub your face?? I... I just... 

Uh-huh. And no, I'm not talking about one of those soft silicone cleansing tools. I literally used to use a hand brush that was 100 per cent meant for your body, on my face. Why? Because it made my skin 'feel clean'. And YES I'd be scrubbing off St Ives WITH SAID BRUSH.


Young Erin, you will literally complain about broken capillaries and how sensitive your skin is in years to come. Stop doing this. Like, now.

5. Stop putting toothpaste on your pimples.

My poor skin. One of my favourite things to do was to dab my pimples with toothpaste at night, and wake up the next morning to find it had turned into a red welt and I ✨kept doing it anyway✨. 

For some reason (hey, Dolly Magazine), I thought toothpaste made pimples go away - but what I was really doing was just burning and irritating the s**t outta my skin. Cute!

6. Wear sunscreen. Everyday. Do it!

Don't roll your eyes at me! The SPF 15 in your makeup is doing NOTHING. 

Find a sunscreen that is SPF50 that you like (trust me on this one) and wear it! Every. Single. Day. Your future self (ME) will thank you for it. Heaps.

Wanna hear more from Erin? Oh, you do? Phew! That could've been awkward. You can read more of her stories here or follow her on Instagram.

What skincare advice would you give to your younger self? Share with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: Supplied/Erin Docherty

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