When beauty tutorials go wrong... on camera.

Image via Youtube

Ah, Youtube.

The glorious place of hilarious fail compilations, endless cat videos and of course, those in-house makeup artists, AKA Beauty Youtubers.

They’re always on hand to help perfect our winged liner, make sense of contouring  or teach us once and for all how to do a smokey eye that doesn’t make you look like this…

Even Lady Gaga can't quite pull off the panda eyes.

Given how successful and popular many have become, it's no surprise that there are many aspiring beauty lovers also uploading their own makeup and styling tutorials.

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But what happens when it all goes wrong...on camera?


5 hilarious Youtube beauty fails

1. Haircut gone wrong

Lesson learnt: Just because you own a pair of scissors, does not make you a hairdresser.

That head bobble though!

See the full video here

2. DIY Bangs
Lesson learnt: No good ever came from giving yourself a fringe.

See the full video here

 3. When curling goes wrong

Lesson learnt: The curling iron is NOT a toy. Also, don't count "mississippily".

See the full video here

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 4. Removing blackheads.

Lesson learnt: Dried glue is probably not the best blackhead remover.

I can't watch it without cringing in pain.

But seriously - please don't try this. For results that don't rip out your facial hair,  use a proper tool like the Manicare Pimple and Blackhead Remover.

See the full video here

5. You know you watch too many beauty videos when...

Lesson learnt: You're never too young to be a Beauty Guru.

See the full video here

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... And one beauty tutorial WIN

This Dad might just be the most innovate hairdresser on the planet.

Lesson learnt: the vacuum does have a use after all.

See the full video here

 What's your worst beauty disaster? Who is your favourite Beauty Youtuber?