How to nail winged eyeliner, contouring and lipstick that actually stays on.

I’m an unabashed beauty trend addict.

I like to do my Sunday errands, and even the odd walk around the park, with a bit of lip gloss and maybe some shimmery eye shadow.

Yep, I’m a makeup-at-the-supermarket kind of woman. I’m also always on the hunt for advice on how to pull off new beauty looks – and lucky for me, there are now plenty of experts and online tutorials showing how to pull them off.

Claudia Smith is a Beauty Advisor for Priceline. Not only is she a massive fan of all things makeup and beauty, but she’s also one of those people that can make the most seemingly complicated tricks look simple.

Boy, does she have her work cut out for her this season.

Just as an FYI, this post is sponsored by Priceline Pharmacy. But all opinions expressed by the author are 100 per cent authentic and written in their own words.

I got in touch with Claudia, armed with questions about some of the cutest and slightly daunting beauty looks of the season – but she wasn’t fazed. At all.


Start with applying the liner in the middle of the lash line and draw tiny strokes across the lash line to the outer corner and then start in the middle and work your way to the inner corner (I think of it as connect the dots). By doing this the line will always be neater.

Straight winging.

To do a wing I line up my outer corner and the angle of my brow and draw a small line heading up to the end of my brow. From the tip of the wing, draw that line straight back down across your eyelid to connect with the line along your lash line. If you struggle with getting the line perfect apply some sticky tape to the outer corner on the angle you want your liner and use that as a guide.

My favourite products for this include Master Precise Liquid Liner or L’Oreal Superliner. If you make a mistake, use Bioderma Micellar Water and cotton tips.

For more, visit the Priceline Beauty School and check out their How to Fix a Makeup Mistake tutorial.

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Challenge 2: CONTOURING

I like to use a matte bronzer for contouring and apply it to the areas you want to recede (hollows of your cheeks, side of chin, temples and the side of your nose) and then use a highlighter and apply that to the areas the sun naturally hits like cheekbones, the centre of the forehead, down the centre of your nose and your cupid’s bow. I like to use a lighter shade of concealer to highlight with as it gives a nice natural finish without being too shimmery.

Contouring master (and rocker of a sa-weet new haircut).

For more contouring know-how, visit the Priceline Beauty School.


The quickest and easiest way to do this is with mascara and also nude or white eyeliner in your waterline, which will open up your lashes. Depending on eye shape it could be colour placement. A shimmer white or gold on the inner corner of your eye will instantly open them up. Apply a lighter colour on your eyelid and a darker shade in the crease. 

The unparalleled queen of big doe eyes, Miss Z.D.

Want to make your eyes pop even more? Don’t miss Priceline Beauty School’s How to Apply False Lashes tutorial.


If you have problems with your lipstick bleeding and wearing off but can’t find a lip liner to suit the colour, try a clear lip liner. It will create a barrier to prevent it from bleeding but you don’t see it. You can use it with any colour.  (Models Prefer and L’Oreal both have them).

Embrace lip liner to keep lipstick in place.

To make your lipstick last longer, apply lip liner all over your lips and then apply a layer of lipstick. Wait 30 seconds and use a tissue in between your lips and pat any excess off. Apply another coat.

Need to know more? Watch the How to Apply Lipstick Perfectly tutorial at Priceline Beauty School.

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Before I let Claudia go, I fired off one final question. I’ve seen some extremely hip and cool celebs like Lada Gaga wearing very little makeup except for winged eyeliner, and maybe a bit of gloss. So I asked Claudia for her thoughts on whether it was appropriate for me to be sporting this look during the day, for coffee with friends or a bit of grocery shopping. She said:

I wear winged eyeliner on its own and just with a bit of mascara and it’s an easy eye to do. I’d wear it during the day. It’s a look that works for both day and night.

You go girl!

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