"Skincare stops at your boobs": 10 of the best beauty tips for women in their 30s.

As a 29-year-old lass who is S-L-O-W-L-Y creeping in on the 30 club (not counting, but could be something like 171 days), I'd be a dirty old fibber if I didn't tell you I feel a little bit (very) terrified of the changes that'll come with this new decade. 

It's not so much the number (she's fine, I guess), but more because I know that ageing brings about all these new beauty issues - mainly when it comes to skin. 

All your moisture gets pilfered off you, collagen just racks off, lines and wrinkles try to start making a name for themselves... it's cruel out there.

And for the love of hyaluronic acid, I've jusssst started to get the whole what-you're-supposed-to-do-for-your-face-in-your-20s thing down pat. 


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And because I'm nosy and want recommendations on what everyone else does when it comes to beauty routines, I'm just going to arrogantly assume you feel the same way.

So, I've asked the wonderful folk in our You Beauty Facebook community to share some of their top beauty tips, tricks, and other helpful musings that me and any other 30-somethings can steal for ourselves. 

Let's go!

1. Wear sunscreen every single day.

"I genuinely didn't know I was supposed to put sunscreen on my face until I was 29." - Samiya.

"Wear sunscreen daily! I did not even click till I hit 30! Now I’m obsessive." - Kylie.

"As a former beauty therapist of 14 years, I used to tell my clients the best anti-ageing treatment is sunscreen as the sun causes the majority of ageing on the skin (that and the fact that collagen and elastin production already begins to slow in our 20s)." - Lib.

2. Incorporate some active ingredients into your routine.

"Apply that hyaluronic acid everywhere! BHA has been another game changing ingredient for me." - Jess.

"I religiously apply retinol every night to help improve my skin texture and firmness. Another one of my personal favourites is vitamin C - it helps even out my skin tone and lightens brown spots. I'd recommend adding both these ingredients into your routine come 30." - Bianca


"When it comes to skincare: Retinol, optimal hydration, and SPF every single day!" - Izabela.

3. Work with your hair instead of against it.

"I changed my hair from platinum blonde to a more natural brown/blonde. It didn’t look as harsh. I also have very curly hair. I’ve learnt to embrace the curl using the Curly Girl Method. I’ve also begun working out if my hair needs protein or moisture and applying treatments when appropriate." - Jess.

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"I deliberately don’t wash my hair often. Since I started washing once a week it’s stopped breaking and it’s not dry anymore... it took so long to train it, but it's worth it." - Kimberley.

"Less is definitely more with washing hair." - Andrea.

4. Ditch heavy makeup and powders.

"Not powdering too much under the eyes is a big one! I recommend swapping to a lighter, self-setting concealer - because too much powder or heavy concealer under the eyes highlights fine lines." - Em.

"The less makeup, the better. I think I look older with heavy makeup." - Renee.

"I would recommend opting for oil-free foundation or mineral makeup wherever possible." - Brooke.

5. Spend on treatments rather than buzzy products.

"Target pigmentation with BBL or other IPL lasers. Pigmentation is far more ageing than wrinkles. Spend your money on this once a year (after your first four to six package treatment). For example, I used part of my tax return for my yearly 'top up'. It also helps build collagen so your wrinkles look a little plumper as well - winning!" - Kelly.

6. Give your products time to work.

"Allow cleansers, exfoliants, and any product you wash off, to be on the skin for a minimum of 40 seconds. I recall studying (I'm a beauty therapist) and reading that surveys conducted showed people only use cleansers for 20 seconds (on average) and were already rinsing it off at this point. The active ingredients in products need ample time to get in there and do their job. Washing it off too soon means you may as well just pour your products straight down the drain." - Lib.

7. Switch up your eyeliner game.

"No more black eyeliner in the waterline! Instead, use smudged-out eyeshadow if you want to add some drama to your makeup look." - Jess.

8. Exfoliate your lips on the reg.

"This tip applies to all ages, but for instantly plump lips, wet your toothbrush and brush it over your lips and the blood flow will plump them. It’s also a great way to exfoliate your lips! Then, add your favourite lip balm before applying a lippy or gloss. Works every time!" - Elaine.

9. Remember that skincare stops at your boobs.

"Apply *everything* right down to the decolletage. Turkey neck is real." - Izabela.

10. Get tactical on the blush front.

"I’ve started applying my blush from the middle of my apples on my cheeks and angling it up towards my temple for that lifted look."  - Jess.

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Do you have any tips you'd like to add to the list? Share with us in the comment section below.