6 (annoying) beauty rules every woman loves to break.

Image: Cady (Lindsay Lohan) wears the wrong makeup on Halloween in “Mean Girls”.

There are way too many rules in life, and I hate them all. I think that rules are boring and restrictive. Call me a rebel, but I can’t help it. It gives me a thrill to defy the establishment.

With beauty products, there are so many rules, that it feels impossible to use all of them in the “right” way. Don’t wear this and that together! Don’t apply this product without applying that product first! You can’t wear that colour – are you out of your mind?! With rules like these, it feels like we’re doing everything wrong.

Well, I just love breaking rules, whether they’re beauty rules or life rules. Why live a life that’s restrained by questionable notions of order? If anyone’s looking for me, I’ll be parked illegally while applying my foundation without primer. Oooooh-eeeerrrr! So, in no particular order, these are the six beauty rules I love to break. And I have a sneaking suspicion you do too…

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1. Using the tiny, sponge-tip applicator in your eyeshadow compact.


So many makeup articles tell us to throw away the mini, sponge-tip applicator that comes with our eyeshadow compact. They advise that, instead, we ought to invest in high-quality makeup brushes that cost a million, billion dollars. You know what? I love that little sponge applicator. It is so perfect for creating a precise, eyeliner effect with eyeshadow. It’s free and portable. Stop hating on it!

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2. Not throwing away old beauty products

Image: Supplied. It's okay to keep old makeup! You won't die!

Have you ever noticed those tiny little diagrams on your beauty products? A little container with a number and the letter M after it? That’s how long you should keep your product, before chucking it in the bin. It’s like a “best before” date. I’m looking at my NARS Orgasm Blush right now, and it says I should throw it away after 24 months. You know what? I say NO to this. Experts will tell you that a product is packed full of bacteria once it’s past its due date, and that the product won’t work any more. Maybe that’s true, but I keep using my old makeup, and I’m not dead. My skin’s in great condition. And, with the price of makeup in Australia, why wouldn’t you keep a lipstick if it cost you fifty bucks or more?

3. Not washing your brushes frequently

Not washing brushes? Guilty as charged.

I definitely think it’s a good idea to wash your brushes as often as you can, to prevent product build-up and bacteria. But… it takes forever, and I rarely have the time to do it. As a working mama, sometimes I don’t even have time to wash myself. So, if I have a choice between washing my body or washing my brushes, I’ll choose myself every time, thanks. Call me selfish. Actually, you’ll probably just call me gross.

4. Wearing a bold lip AND a strong eye

Image: Victoria's Secret. Taylor Swift performs at the 2014 Victoria's Secret show.

Makeup experts say that you should only highlight one feature at a time. If you’re wearing red lipstick, skip the eyeliner and shadow, and only wear mascara. If you’re going for the smoky, sexy eye look, you’d better make sure your lips are nude-as, or else. But guess what? It’s not true. You can wear a bold lip colour with a heavily made-up eye. Look at Taylor Swift here, at the 2014  Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Doesn’t she look amazing? Sure, it’s a super-dramatic look, but in the right time and place, it’s amazing. I think it’s perfect for a black-tie event, should you be lucky enough to be invited.

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5. Using face wipes all the time, instead of doing a multi-step cleanse

Our beauty director, Nicky Champ, puts it best: “Facial wipes are the Robert Downey Jr of skincare. You know you shouldn’t love them but you just can’t help yourself. But I’m calling it: it’s time to stop shaming those of us who solely cleanse using facial wipes, because at least we’re doing something in the face washing department, okay?” This is my new life motto.

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6. Using petroleum-based products

I know, I know, they probably clog pores and aren’t as natural as, say, water. But, have you noticed how petroleum-based products are just so good at locking in that moisture? Also, so many cult beauty products, that are loved and recommended by celebrities and beauty experts, contain petroleum. I’m talking about Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream, Lucas’ Paw Paw Ointment, Smith’s Rosebud Salve…the list goes on. Sometimes, I just want to use a product that works, and petroleum-based products will often tick those boxes.

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