9 beauty products that smell like all your favourite desserts.

Have you ever owned a beauty product that smelled so damn delicious you were a little bit tempted to, um… lick it? For me, that product is the vanilla cake shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath range from Philosophy.

I remember the day we first met. I was perusing the David Jones beauty department on my lunch break and a new brand caught my eye. I can’t remember exactly what pulled me in — their packaging is fairly minimal — but by the time I reached the counter I was hooked. It was the smell. My God, the smell. For as long as I live, my bathroom will never be without it.

Get it my belly. I mean, my shower.

Philosophy is the ultimate when it comes to beauty products that smell like food, so it was hard for me to narrow down my choice of fragrance. In the end I settled on Vanilla Cake. It's like bathing in every child's dream birthday party. It's what I imagine babies smell like after those cake smash photo shoots. It's... oh, you get the point. It's damn good.

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When I learned that same aroma also came in lipgloss form, it was like the heavens opened up to a chorus of angels. You mean I can carry around this goodness in my purse and apply as often as I want? Shut up and take my money.

There are plenty more where that came from — here are our team's favourite products that could (almost) double as dessert. (Post continues after gallery.)

The only problem with having this kind of scent on your skin is that you spend the entire day craving sweet treats. My self control is weak at the best of times, let alone when I smell like a delightful human cupcake. I blame my extra five kilos on Philosophy Vanilla Cake.

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I realise sugar-sweet doesn't do it for everyone, but there are also food-based scents that don't necessarily fit in at a dessert bar. Think fresh zingy limes, tropical coconut and even coffee.

Do you have a favourite food-scented beauty product?