There's a way you can try the latest beauty products for free.

If there’s anything that rivals the feeling of trying out a brand new beauty product, it’s got to be getting a freebie.

So when we found out there was a way to combine these two joyous experiences, we were intrigued.

Apparently, some lucky, lucky people are receiving beauty products for free. And all you need to get your hands on this sweet loot is access to the internet and an opinion.

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Enter Beauty Heaven. It’s a site dedicated to giving consumers the best information on beauty products. And in order to do so, they need people to share their opinions and write reviews.

And that’s where the freebies come in. Because in order to get great reviews of brand new or soon-to-be released products, they need a group of people who can be sent these products who can share their thoughts – their Trial Team.

So all you need to do is join that trial team and wait for the freebies to roll in.

Of course, it’s not quite that simple. In order to join the Trial Team, you’ve got to lay some groundwork.

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Their website explains that first you’ll need to become a Beauty Heaven member and write enough reviews of the makeup and skincare products you’ve already got at home to become a Silver Member. (They’re not expecting essay-length reviews, but they do need to be constructive and helpful.) Then, once you’re a Silver Member, you still need to apply to join the Trial Team.


So it’s a bit of work, but for free Lancôme foundation, Maybelline lippie or Bondi Sands tanning foam, we’d do a lot more.

What do you think beauty lovers? Would you write reviews for free beauty products?

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