The well-meaning beauty suggestions that were hugely insulting.

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In my early 20s I decided to head to a fancy cosmetics brand counter to score some new foundation. When you’re living exclusively on canned tuna, sometimes you’ve just got to treat yourself, you know?

As the extremely helpful beauty attendant patted on one of the products she thought would be best for my skin, she made an innocent enough suggestion: “Maybe we should try a more dewy option next — that’s a bit better for older skin.”

Hold up a moment, lady. Did she just say older skin? Maybe she said ageing skin… No, no, she definitely said older. I was 22 years young, barely out of my teens and without many visible lines on my face. When I got home that day I analysed my supposedly prematurely haggard face in the mirror, wondering what the woman saw in order to hurl such an insult my way (regardless of how unintended it was).

I’ve never forgotten that comment. And I’m not alone. Here, 13 other women share the well-meaning beauty comments that were, well, downright offensive.

1. “It’s hard not to take offence when I get my makeup done and the makeup artist comments on how pale I am and reassures me that it can be ‘fixed up’. Last time it happened at one of those pop-up stalls where they bully you into getting your face did.”

2. “I was asked if I wanted Botox or lip injection while getting my legs lasered. I felt offended — it was like my lips were not good enough and needed to be retouched. But then I looked at the 22-year-old doing my legs and her lips looked really fake, so I said, ‘Not today, maybe next time’.”

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3. “Last time I had a bikini wax the lady commented that I was seizing up a lot, so I told her I hadn’t had a wax for a while. Her reply: ‘Yes, I can see that.’”

4. “I had a guy at a department store beauty counter say, ‘So, huge night out huh, babe?’ ‘No I went to bed at 9pm yesterday, actually.’ ‘Oh, well. Have I got some products for you then!’”

5. “When I was having my colour done the hairstylist asked me if I was an active swimmer because I had a weird green tinge to my hair. Not a swimmer.” (Post continues after gallery.)


6. “I once got a massage and had to have, like, an interview beforehand and she asked if I’d like to add a skin peel facial as my skin was looking ‘a little dull’. Cheers, bitch.”

7. “I was getting a massage and was asked if I had an injury from rugby because apparently my thighs suggest that I would make a great front rower.”

8. “Every time I’ve gotten a facial they’ve gone on about how damaged my skin is from the sun. It’s probably legit, but I don’t leave feeling good about myself.”

9. “Last time I got my brows done, the beautician started grilling me about my skincare routine because my chin looked ‘congested’. I was like, please focus on my eyebrows, thanks.”

That awkward moment when your masseuse offends your thighs. Image via Seinfeld.

10. “When I get my nails done (which is never now) I always get grilled about my cuticles. Seriously, lady, I don’t give a f*ck.”

11. “Once when I have having a pedicure, the lady asked me if I would also like to have my legs waxed that day…”

12. “First visit to my beautician and she straight out asked what skincare I use and said, ‘It better not be stuff you can buy in the supermarket'. She was relieved when I revealed my skincare products and informed me that if it was a supermarket thing she would have refused to take me as a customer. She continued to explain how she hates those products with a passion because she can't fix the skin of people who use it, and then she proclaimed ?”I’m a beautician not a magician!’”

13. “One time I was getting my makeup done and the makeup artist suggested I should buy some eye cream because I 'looked like I needed it’.”

What's the most well-meaning beauty insult you've received?

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