8 mature women to follow on Instagram for their beauty content.

When it comes to representation and beauty, we rarely see the perspective and faces of women over a certain age. It's frustrating to say the least.

Because for many women over 50, it's a time where they wish to have fun with their style and find products or formulas that work best for their skin.

But thanks to Instagram, we are beginning to see more and more representation of mature women experimenting with makeup, trying new products and recommending beauty tips and tricks that can make things a hell of a lot simpler for those who are interested.

So with this in mind, here are eight such women you should follow immediately.

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Caroline Hirons.

Caroline Hirons is considered one of the most influential people in beauty.

The 51-year-old British aesthetician, brand consultant and best-selling author has leveraged her encyclopedic knowledge of the industry to build a global fanbase on social media and beyond.

Image: Mamamia/Instagram @carolinehirons. She's famous for reviewing products and providing skincare advice in a not-sponsored and no-bulls**t tone. What are some of her beauty tips?


Using disposable face wipes are akin to "wiping your arse but never showering it".

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Aim to equate your skincare spending to what you would spend on a happy purchase like a handbag, pair of shoes or fun outfit. "I'm not saying you should – I'm saying you should be willing to."

And last but certainly not least: TITTTs - take it to the tits. Simply put, make sure that your skincare isn't just done on your face, but down to the boobs and décolleté area too.

You can follow Caroline Hirons here

Maggie De.

Image: Mamamia/Instagram @maggiede_beauty. Maggie De is an American beauty content creator and grandmother whose tagline is: "Let's learn to love our crow's feet and texture!"

Although the 57-year-old has quite a small following amassed so far, her content is directly geared to women over 50 looking for makeup advice. Some of her highlight videos include affordable makeup for older skin, cream blushes for mature skin and various how-to guides.


As for one of Maggie's go-to beauty tips, she says that cream blushes are one of the most flattering and simple products to use. 

"Placement and blending make the difference between a stunning look and one that drags your face down and actually makes you look older than you do without any blush at all. Rather than putting your blush product on to the apple of your cheeks, try applying it just above the cheekbones and blend with a sponge, brush or finger!"

You can follow Maggie De here

Yasmin Furmie.

Image: Mamamia/Instagram @yasminfurmie. With an Instagram bio that reads 'disrupt the norm' South African influencer Yasmin Furmie is another fun follow.

On the topic of beauty, she recently said: "I aim to kill two birds with one stone, such as using products that are two-in-one, like a foundation with a high SPF in it - what a win! When it comes to skincare, I don't compromise on quality products, we've heard it a thousand times, but it's true. Invest in good day creams and night creams."

Glowy skin, a deep purply brown lip colour and some kohl eyeliner are favourites of Yasmin's.

As well as beauty content, Yasmin's fashion is worth having a look at too! She's a social worker turned designer, and a Lady Startup, co-owning her own clothing label.

You can follow Yasmin Furmie here.


Trinny Woodall.

Image: Mamamia/Instagram @trinnywoodall.  Trinny Woodall is arguably best known for her hit TV series What Not To Wear alongside Susannah Constantine.

Trinny has gone on to continue in the makeup, skincare, lifestyle and fashion space, and she is now the founder and CEO of makeup brand TRINNY LONDON: we love a Lady Startup!

The 58-year-old is also someone who has been completely transparent about her skincare routine, specifying on her Instagram that she only posts what she loves - i.e. no commercial deals.

Listen to No Filter. There's a lot you don't know about Trinny Woodall. Post continues after audio.

Here are some of Trinny's 'golden rules' that she shared with Mamamia.

"I have a rule that I will try something for a month or two before I talk about it.

"To me, there are three main ingredients for skin: retinol, Vitamin C and SPF. If a woman is looking at what money she has to spend on skincare, I think spend the least amount of money on your cleanser.

"If I need to get out the door quickly in the morning, for me, I always use a lip and cheek dual product because you can also use them on the eye for a tonal wash of colour. I love the synergy of that kind of makeup look."

You can follow Trinny Woodall here.

Maye Musk.

Image: Mamamia/Instagram @mayemusk. Maye Musk is a Canadian-South African model and professional dietitian. For over 50 years she has been modelling, but for the last decade she's been at the top of her game, appearing on multiple fashion magazine covers. 


And if her name sounds a little familiar, it might be because she is the mother of Elon Musk.

Maye, who is 78, also uses her Instagram to showcase her fun sense of style and beauty tips.

In an interview with Vogue, Maye said: "I like to wear natural makeup when I'm meeting friends, but I am very experimental. My favourite makeup products are concealer to hide my sunspots, foundation to smooth my uneven skin tone, eyebrow pencil to give my face some kind of shape, mascara to enhance my short eyelashes, and a bold lipstick that’s outlined a little larger than my lips, as my lips are very thin."

You can follow Maye Musk here.

Platinum Punk.

Image: Mamamia/Instagram @platinumpunk. @platinumpunk (aka Norma) is a Japanese woman who is all about "ageless beauty and fashion with a little bit of punk!"


Her content ranges from product trials, face masks, blushes, hairstyle trends, cream eyeshadows and more. 

Although Platinum Punk is taking a hiatus on her Instagram account currently, she has an entire backlog of makeup and skincare videos you can look through. She has also featured on her daughter's Instagram page @mexicanbutjapanese, where the duo trial products together to see how they perform on their different skin textures. 

In an interview with Cirque Colors, Norma shared some of her beauty must-haves.


"My hair is important because it frames my face and my expressions. And also, it is another medium for me to experiment with colour and texture. My personal style is experimental. I love to try new styles and products and I want it to be fun!"

You can follow Platinum Punk here.

Grece Ghanem.

Grece Ghanem - a microbiologist turned personal trainer turned beauty and fashion influencer - has over 730,000 followers on Instagram, and there's a good reason why. 

As a 50-something, she uses Instagram as a way to dispel ageism, have fun with clothing and style and also try plenty of skincare gadgets, lotions and potions. As for her skincare routine, Grece said that she likes to keep things no-nonsense with makeup and loves a fun lip colour.

Image: Mamamia/Instagram @greceghanem. "I do not apply much makeup in my everyday routine. I like to enhance my eyes with mascara. I also like to have fun with a red lip - matte or glossy. I always liked a natural look and a glossy lip was feminine, flirty, and somewhat effortless. Last, but most important for me, is a fragrance," she said in an interview with Rose Inc.

"In the evening, I never go to bed without completing my nighttime skincare routine. I sit in bed and watch some Netflix while doing my red light therapy," she shared.

You can follow Grece Ghanem here.

Feature Image: Mamamia/Instagram @trinnywoodall, @carolinehirons, @platniumpunk.

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