These are the products Mamamia's beauty team spend their money on over and over.

In news that will surprise no one, working in media within the beauty category means we get sent lots of beauty products to trial. 

They’re not gifts, but technically ‘submissions’ from the brand in the hopes that we will try, love and talk about the product within our stories or podcasts.

We are not obligated to cover each submission and out of everything we are sent to review, about 10 per cent gets coverage. 

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Yes, our job is amazing and we are very lucky. 

Though we receive more products than we could ever finish, we only receive one of each product. After that, if we really, really love something, we buy it ourselves. It’s rare, because we will more likely move on to trying a different free product, but every so often we adore something so much we go out and spend our own money on restocking it. 

Here, I asked Mamamia’s beauty crew to share the product they splash their own cash on. 

Lucy, co-host of The Undone - Korres Black Pepper EDT, $73


"I've purchased and re-purchased this perfume, and mark my words I'll do it again. It's my signature scent. It's woody, and sexy, and inexpensive as far as perfumes go. It's 'unisex' (although - it goes without saying that anyone can wear anything, regardless of gender identity), but I suppose what I'm saying is that it's not a sweet or floral scent, it's deep and cologne-y. Delish."

Kelly, You Beauty Co-host - Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, $26.

“I've gone through about 20 bottles of this stuff. It's zit magic. The only product that I can pop on a pimp at night and see a huge difference in the morning.”  

Charlie, Lifestyle Writer - Tan Luxe The Body Self Tanner, $75.  


“I’m someone who loves a weekly fake tan but can't be bothered to remove it, sleep in it and wash it off in the morning. It’s quite the task! This product changed the game for me. A few drops mixed into my moisturiser before bed and by morning I have the most natural but bronzed wash of colour. Plus, no need to shower, it lasts almost a week and if you remember to moisturise, it fades really nicely. I know it’s steep for a fake tan but it lasts, and in my opinion, is worth every cent. I’ve happily repurchased it and I will again.”

Sharon, You Beauty co-host -  Revitanail Sensitive Strength Nail Strengthener, $19.99

“This is one of those hardworking yet totally unsung heroes in my beauty arsenal. After receiving a sample of Revitanail over a decade ago, I’m now a stickler for applying it at the first sign of nail weakness. It’s tops because it consistently gets my nails back on track and the light pink sheen gives a nude-but-polished finish. Would buy again – and have already done so several times.” 


Erin, Senior Health and Beauty Writer - La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume B5, $14.49

“I’ve been blessed with an *actual* flake for a face, so one of the products I buy on rotation is La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume.

Boring, I know, but it’s something that I always have on hand. 

A dermatologist recommended it to me a few years back when I burnt off a whole layer of skin with acids (cute!) - and it’s just become one of those staples that I always repurchase. 

I pop it on at night (she’s thick) when my skin is feeling dry, irritated and needy (always) and it just gives it a big swift kick of hydration and leaves it feeling comfortable and smooth by morning.”

Leigh, You Beauty Co-Host - L'Oreal Paris Magic Retouch Temporary Root Concealer Spray in Brown, $15.95


“I know I say I’m 39 but actually I’m 85 with a really good skincare routine. 

Jokes, but my hair is full grey (and has been for 15 years) so I am forever covering my roots between colours. This spray is so fast and easy to use, it looks natural and doesn't transfer.  

I buy it in bulk when it’s on sale at Woolies. If it’s ever discontinued you’ll find me rocking in a corner somewhere.”

Okay, now your turn. What product do you repeatedly purchase and why? Let us know in the comments below.

Feature Image: Mamamia

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