Beauty blogger left with severe burns after laser treatment gone wrong.

When beauty blogger Molly Martinson was 22, she underwent a routine laser procedure to get rid of a facial birthmark.

Martinson, who hails from Pittsburgh in the US, had always been “self-conscious” about the small port-wine coloured birthmark near her right eye, and was tired of people “constantly asking” about what was on her face.

However, she only decided to proceed with the simple treatment after she was made aware of the potential health implications.

She was trying to save herself a lifetime of complications.

Instead, the laser treatment left her face so bruised and scarred that she couldn’t leave the house.

Molly Martinson was left with severe burns and bruising after a laser treatment. Image via Youtube.

In a candid video on her YouTube channel, Martinson describes looking in the mirror and realising the procedure had gone drastically wrong.

"When the surgeon handed me the mirror, my stomach literally turned upside down," she says.


'There was bruising all across my cheek, even where I don't have a birthmark.

"I physically felt nauseous and started crying instantly. I was appalled."

The terrifying bruising took almost a month to begin to heal, and the scarring is still visible today.

The scarring is still visible. Image via Youtube.

"It hurt for four weeks," she says.

"I realised it felt like a burn - like someone took a hot coal to my face and burned me."

Martinson implores people considering laser surgery to do as much research into laser surgery as possible, after discovering her surgeon had burned someone else's face before hers.

"I would also tell them to be up front with the surgeon or medical professional and let them know they are aware of the extreme dangers."

Watch Martinson's explanation of the botched procedure on Youtube. 

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