The Beauty And The Geek kiss that caused a love triangle.


SPOILER ALERT: We will discuss what happened on last night’s Beauty And The Geek. Graphically.


The Geeks scored some tongue action on Beauty And The Geek.

And one of them even created a love triangle for himself.

Beauty And The Geek started last week, and this season it kicked off in Vegas. The Geeks were assigned an American Beauty each, and general awkwardness-around-girls happened. They brought their Americans back to Australia, and occasionally made skin contact when elbows bumped accidentally.

But last night, the Geeks ‘challenge’ (pffft) was to kiss a stranger in a secluded room.



Sweaty high-fives all round.

All the Geeks scored a pash with their assigned random lady (while their American Beauties had to do a maths challenge), and THEN… found out that each assigned random lady was actually an AUSTRALIAN BEAUTY who they could choose instead of their American Beauty for the remainder of the series.

So this guy (James, 26, a gamer from Adelaide):

Kissed a random girl like this (yes, it was graphic and noisy and uncomfortable to watch, like teenagers at the movies):

Not knowing that his American Beauty Chrystal (23, Californian ‘aspiring trophy wife’… *face-palm*) was secretly watching from another room like this:

And then slowly realising, “Oh my God, I think I like, LIKE, him.”

And then James had to subtract one girl from the triangle. That’s the kind of maths a Geek is not used to. James was forced to choose between his random make-out buddy Alisha, and Chrystal, who had suddenly realised she had feelings for the Geek.


They will be partners for the rest of the competition. Sexy partners, maybe.

Well done, James. Gamer indeed.

You just advanced a level in Stud City.

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