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Which Beauty and the Geek couples are still together? A very thorough investigation.

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Grab your trench coats, detectives. We are about to go deep into the world of... hot geeks and their possible hot girlfriends.

Because we simply must know if any of the Beauty and the Geek couples are still together.

Throughout TVs most wholesome reality show, we've watched 10 beauties and 10 geeks team up to broaden their horizons, boost their confidence and bring out the best in each other. And maybe fall in love a lil' bit.

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Three couples developed romantic feelings during the show's filming: Kiran and Bryanna, George and Josie and James and Jess.

But filming ended... sometime in April (I think, look, I'm not a very good expert), and literally all I can think about is if they're still kissing out there somewhere in the real world.

The BATG contestants have been keeping quiet on the state of their relationships, probably because of contractual obligations blah blah blah, but that doesn't mean there's not rumours floating around.

So, here's what I've found, complete with Instagram embeds because... it's 2021 and did something actually happen if it wasn't shared on IG?

Kiran and Bryanna.


Never forget that time Kiran left Bryanna's apartment and she ran after him like they were in Love Actually.

These two were the first to get together in the show, but also the first of the three couples to leave. Boo.

For the first time since their exit, Kiran has given an update on their relationship, sharing a lengthy Instagram post detailing where he and Bryanna are at post-filming. 

"Since our elimination, a lot of people have been asking what happened between Bry and myself after the show. The short answer is we are friends," he wrote.

"I 'dated' Bryanna for a couple weeks after our elimination, but it was tricky to find time for each other, having to travel back and forth between Melbourne and Sydney twice, once for the pitches and again for the finale. What I found particularly difficult about dating someone you met on reality TV is at some point you need to try to figure out what was reality and what was TV. 

"What happened between us was real as far as I am concerned, but I also kind of felt like a lab rat in an experiment who was suddenly released back into the wild. I had no idea what to do."

After filming the finale, Kiran asked Bryanna for a 'reset', so they could explore their relationship on the outside as friends.

"You could say this message ended our relationship, but it would be incorrect to say I didn't like her. If anything, my anxiety was due to the fact I liked her a lot, and this was my attempt to figure out what our new relationship on the outside could look like," he wrote. 

"Since then we've enjoyed a really healthy, three-dimensional friendship. I know I can go to Bry for advice and I try to make myself available to her for the same. I meet up with Bry fairly regularly (whenever COVID restrictions allow us to) and I am still super grateful for everything Bry has done for me. The romance may be on pause, but our friendship has never been stronger.


"Bry gave me this key a couple days after the finale aired and I will always treasure it. It's the key to my future, and that's exactly what the #BATG experience was all about."

Yeah, we love that.

James and Jess.


During the show's final week, James and Jess exchanged 'I love yous' which was... a lot. But also super cute. Unfortunately, they were booted immediately after losing the challenge to reach the final three.

Neither initially addressed their relationship since being eliminated, just writing about how thankful they are for the journey and lessons on their respective Instas and ignoring all the comments asking "ARE YOU STILL TOGETHER YES/NO??"

Sooo... did their love survive the 'real world'? 

Seems like a... ACTUALLY, MAYBE YES.


"Jessica stopped talking to James as soon as the show was over, she basically ghosted him," a source told So Dramatic's Megan Pustetto, which had us... worried.

But Jess herself has insisted those rumours are not true.

"Whoever spread that gossip must not know James and I very well," she wrote on Instagram.

And actually, she and James are currently in Adelaide together, and posted pics from a date to Van Gogh Alive. (Turns out Jess is... kind of stuck in SA because... pandemic.)


We don't know if this means they're together ~romantically~ but regardless, they look wholesome af.


George and Josie.


George and Josie got off to a slow start, but their relationship has blossomed in the final few weeks of the show. They discussed George moving to Sydney to be closer to her and Josie really embraced his fave hobby of Dungeons and Dragons.

So far, so bloody wholesome.


"Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to say. All I can really say is we are definitely still close," George told Who.

Oh, for f***'s sake!!!!!!!!!!!

Josie also told Yahoo they were "in a good, healthy spot" which could mean... anything??

After the finale on Tuesday night, both Josie and George uploaded very heartfelt, sweet messages to each other, so regardless it seems like they've left with a solid love for each other (platonic or... hopefully not platonic!)

"You made me feel like I had a purpose and for the first time in bloody forever, made me feel like I was wanted, appreciated and good enough," Josie wrote about George.


Anyone got a tissue?

"My partner in crime, you have the world at your feet and I can't wait to see what you make of yourself beyond this show."

George wrote of Josie: "If you could see even a glimpse of yourself the way I've seen you, you'd know just how special you are."




So Dramatic heard that Josie and George supposedly gave things a go post-show but it seems like distance and this HIGHLY INCONVENIENT pandemic got in the way, because things fizzled out.

COVID has a lot to fkn answer for if this is true.

George totally has a floppy hair Prince Charming look now, and now posts thirst traps, so he should be fine when dating going forward.

So. Look.

Beauty and the Geek is wholesome af and we love all the contestants, so at least we can still enjoy their ~personal growth~ etc. and wish them all happiness for the future, even if their relationships didn't work out.


Plus... it's not like it's the first reality show not to lead to lasting relationships *cough* MAFS *cough*

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