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Where to follow the cast of Beauty and the Geek Australia 2021 on Instagram.

After a seven-year hiatus, Beauty and the Geek is returning to our screens this week. And this is exactly what us Sydney folks need to get through lockdown. 

This season will see 10 geeks and 10 beauties partner up and compete in challenges to win a big ol' pile of cash. $100,000 to be exact. 

And by the looks of the trailer, it seems we could even have some romance on our hands.

Watch the trailer for Beauty and the Geek Australia 2021. Post continues below. 

Video via Channel Nine. 

"A lot has changed since Beauty and the Geek was last on our screens," host Sophie Monk said in a statement.

"Today, geeks run the world and beauties are far more than just a pretty face. I can’t wait for audiences to watch on as they embark on a journey of self-discovery and see if we’re able to answer the age-old question – can opposites attract?"

Before the show kicks off on Sunday night, here's your run-down on this year's contestants (and most importantly) where to follow them on Instagram. 

The Beauties. 

Aria, 23, NSW. 

Instagram: @airacharles_ 

First up we have 23-year-old medical secretary Aria, who describes herself as "ditzy and funny". 

According to her bio, her last relationship was two years ago, and she's apparently super picky about who she's likes.

Specifically, she likes "big veiny arms, nice teeth, smells good, hygienic, and most importantly, no thongs!"


Ashleigh, 31, QLD

Instagram: @ashleigh.thomason

31-year-old Ashleigh is a performer who spent the last five years working in Japan and dressing up as cartoon characters, superheroes and princesses every day. 

She's looking for her Prince Charming who's preferably tall, dark and handsome. But crooked teeth is a big no no.


Bryanna, 29, VIC

Instagram: @bryannareynolds

Bryanna is an entertainment reporter, who's proudest achievement was interviewing Jim Carrey in Hollywood. 

When it comes to dating, she says she's just like Bridget Jones as she's unlucky in love and has never had a boyfriend. 

Eliza, 21, NSW 

Instagram: @elizasowada

According to her bio, Eliza is "a bit of a wild child". 

She's 21, lives in Bondi and loves the gym, the beach, boys and drinking cocktails. 

She's never been in a relationship and wants to teach the geeks not to take life too seriously.  


Gabrielle, 20, QLD

Instagram: @gabrielleloye

Gabrielle is a criminology student who dreams of becoming a detective and working with juvenile offenders.

She loves murder mystery documentaries, painting and drawing but isn't too strong on the science and maths front... and same. 

Jessica, 19, WA

Instagram: @jessicaantoniou

Jessica lives a very busy life. Not only is a student studying Screen Production and Journalism, the 19-year-old also also sells ethically handmade clothing and accessories as a side hustle. 

She's also never missed as episode of Beauty and the Geek growing up, so she should ace it. 


Jess, 23, SA

Instagram: @jessicataylah

Next up is Jess, not to be confused with Jessica. 

The 23-year-old has Bachelor of Media in Journalism and a Certificate in Meteorology. She's also able to recite 30 elements of the periodic tables by memory, which well and truly went out the window after year 8 science for me. 


Josie 21, NSW

Instagram: @josiewerner_

Josie is a country girl at heart who grew up in regional NSW. 

She moved to Sydney a few years ago to pursue her dreams of dancing and is currently studying primary school teaching.

Kiera, 23, VIC

Instagram: @kierajohnstone

Kiera is 23 and works as a public servant for the Victorian Government. 

According to her bio, she's a "fun loving, big ball of energy" but her opinionated nature can sometimes be a strength and weakness. 


Leticia, 25, VIC

Instagram: @leticiabellanos

Last up is 25-year-old Leticia who works as a dental receptionist in Victoria. 

She's never been on a date and is looking for an honest, genuine connection with a man who will prioritise her as number one. 


The Geeks. 

Alexander, 26, VIC

Instagram: @alexmcchad

Alexander describes himself as 'a bit of a nutty professor’. And we love to hear it. 

The 26-year-old works as a maths tutor and has a Bachelor of Science majoring in Neuroscience, a Diploma of Mathematics and Statistics and is now undergoing his Master of Teaching.

Frank, 28, NSW

Instagram: Unfortunately Frank doesn't have Instagram but we'll see more of him on the show.  

Frank works as an emergency doctor in NSW, having moved from China to Australia with his mother when he was nine years old. 

"It took persistence and dedication to get into medical school, and the 13-year journey was worth every minute," he says. 

Frank loves all things sports and is looking for a partner who’s athletic. 

Image: Nine.  


George, 27, VIC

Instagram: @sirgeorgathy

Next up we have George who sounds like a lot of fun. The 27-year-old is an escape room game master and also plays Dungeons and Dragons professionally on the side. 

He’s a confident guy but when it comes to dating, he struggles with picking up social cues from girls. 

Jackson, 19, SA

Instagram: @thejacksonpalmer

If you’re a fan of tall guys with British accents, Jackson might be one to watch. He moved to Australia a few years ago and is currently living in Adelaide. 


Fun facts: He has an extensive hat collection and is still waiting for his first kiss.

James, 25, SA

Instagram: @human2herocosplay

Also from South Australia is 25-year-old James. 

James has been involved in the Cosplay community for 10 years and Superman is his go-to character. 

He's never been in a relationship and is looking forward to stepping out of his comfort zone on the show. 


Kiran, 30, Vic

Instagram: @kiranraoau

Kiran is a 30-year-old law graduate working at a tech start-up. 

If he and his beauty won the show, he would use the prize money to put down a deposit on a large apartment, large enough that "when I do find someone to share my life with, there's enough room for two". 

Kyle, 22, SA

Instagram: @kyleblaize

22-year-old Kyle loves military history is a regular member at the Society for Creative Anachronism, a group that meets up and re-enacts historic battles.

His only relationship was back in high school and he hasn't had a date since.


Lachlan, 32, NSW

Instagram: @lachy_mansell

Lachlan is 32-year-old MD who also runs a small motorsports PR agency and works as a motorsports and sim racing commentator. 

Thanks to his work, he’s great with public speaking but he gets nervous when it comes to one-on-one interactions.


Mitchell, 28, VIC

Instagram: @theaveragerook

Mitchell is 28-years-old and dreams of being a video editor or screenwriter. 

In his bio, Mitch says he doesn't see much point in looking for a girlfriend, as he still lives with his parents and has never been kissed. 

Sam, 23, VIC

Instagram: @sam_ready_

Last but not least, we have 23-year-old Sam who was born and raised in Victoria.

He’s works at his local grocery store and gets nicknamed Napoleon Dynamite because of his afro. 


Beauty and the Geek premieres on Sunday July 11 at 7pm on Channel Nine. 

Feature Image: Instagram/Mamamia. 

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