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An aspiring Prime Minister and an anime expert: Everything we know about the Beauty and the Geek cast.

Beauty and the Geek is back for another season, and it may just be the only thing that can get us through these brutal winter months.

This season, we can expect to see another 10 geeks and 10 beauties who will partner up and compete in challenges to win a total cash prize of $100,000.

Watch the trailer for Beauty and the Geek Australia 2022. Story continues after video. 

Video via @batg.

Before the show kicks off, here's your run-down on this year's contestants and where exactly you can follow them on Instagram. 

Meet the Beauties.

Bri Auty, 30, NSW.

Instagram: @bri.auty

Image: Channel 9. 

First up is the self-declared loud, vibrant and energetic 30-year-old Bri, who is a medical secretary and former NRL cheerleader from Sydney. 


Her goal in going on the reality show is to give her Geek a good confidence boost. 

"I would teach him to always look at the bright side of things. It's either in your life for a reason or a season. I like people who remain humble and kind, no matter what," she says.

Heidi Mitchell, 20, Victoria. 

Instagram: @heidimitchelll

Image: Channel 9. 

Hailing herself a country girl to a big city slicker, Heidi has dreams of becoming a police officer one day. 

As a natural jokester, you can either find her being a "hype girl" or playing pranks on those she loves.

"I've always gone for the same type of person and I need to change it up. It will be really nice to meet someone who could be my best friend or to find love, but I just want to find someone who will appreciate me for me," her bio tells us. 

Angelique Nguyen, 21, NSW. 

Instagram: @spicyfriedchicken09.

Image: Channel 9. 


Angelique calls herself an "open alien book", and we... love to hear it? 

Her hopes in appearing on Beauty and the Geek is to find a guy with good vibes, charisma and an assertive nature. 

Aimee Woolley, 23, Tasmania.

Instagram: @aimee_woolleyxo

Image: Channel 9. 

Next up is yoga-loving Aimee who you can find either practicing the art of yoga at home, or tearing up a dance floor. 

Aimee has gone through her fair amount of rogues and cheaters, and is now looking for a Geek who is loving, happy, funny and most importantly, genuine.


Sophie Taylor, 20, Western Australia.

Instagram: @sophietaylr

Image: Channel 9. 

Sophie has some big dreams to make a reality. While she studies politics and speak Mandarin, it may be no surprise this Beauty is just as much of a Geek. Her goal is to be a future Australian Prime Minister.

While there's no doubt she works hard, Sophie made it clear that if she can't get a car spot at her university, she believes she wasn't meant to go that day.

Emily Mccarthy, 25, NSW.

Instagram: @eeaassyymmaacc

Image: Channel 9. 


Emily is a travelling junkie, having been to 56 countries already thanks to her sky high career as a flight attendant. 

One of her favourite pastimes? "Tanning, tanning and fake tanning."

Daniella Caceres, 26, Western Australia. 

Instagram: @danicaceras

Image: Channel 9. 

According to her bio, Daniella is studying primary education while also working at a creche looking after children of parents who are learning English. 

It is also looking like the model, who was a WA finalist for Miss Universe in 2021, is looking for a Geek to spice things up with after going through a confidence-shattering break-up.

Karly Fisher, 28, Western Australia. 

Instagram: @karllyfisher

Image: Channel 9. 


Karly is also a new beauty on the block and says her ability to get along with everyone is one of her greatest qualities. 

A part from loving love, a strong sense of loyalty and good humour, she also wants to perhaps find love with a Geek that has great communication skills. 

Tegan Burns, 26, Victoria.

Instagram: @teganburns

Image: Channel 9. 

As a dancer by heart and trade, Tegan sure knows how to get a party going. A part from being a lead tap dancer at Disneyland Paris, she was also a cheerleader for the Melbourne Storm NRL team. 


She's hoping she can find a down-to-earth Geek who loves the great outdoors just as much as she does.

Tara Schwarz, 22, Victoria.

Instagram: @tarajosephinee

Image: Channel 9. 

There's not many people who get to mix business and pleasure, but for Tara, who works as a children's entertainer, she gets the best of both worlds.

When she isn't kicking up a storm as a mermaid, she is studying for her law degree. 

Meet the Geeks.

Samuel Mitchell, 25, Victoria. 

Instagram: @sammitchell_

Image: Channel 9. 


As a professional E-sports player, Samuel isn't afraid to admit he has a strong competitive side. 

Sadly, due to the COVID pandemic, Samuel found himself retreat from socialising. His goal on Beauty and the Geek is to go back to his good ol' natural self again. 

Nate Campbell, 20, South Australia. 

Instagram: @_thatguy_nate_

Image: Channel 9. 

Nate is a 20-year-old Japanese anime expert hailing from South Australia. 

He applied for the reality show after his mother encouraged him to, saying it would "spruce up" his romantic skills.

While he doesn't expect to necessarily find love, Nate has high hopes for the show and hopes to walk away with an incredible new experience under his belt.

Mike Gambaro, 20, Queensland. 

Instagram: @mikegambaro.

Image: Channel 9. 


While Mike, who is a Batman fanatic, likes to come off as confident, he admits one-on-one situations leave him frozen and fumbling. 

While he tries his best, he admits: "I talk to fill space to make sure there's no silence or opportunity for awkwardness. In intimate conversations I find I fidget and get stressed."

Micheal Gebicki, 25, NSW.

Instagram: @therealgebicki

Image: Channel 9. 


Micheal is 25 years old and a children's party entertainer. He's also a part-time crypto trader and "full-time geek". 

While he's had a few girlfriends in the past, Michael admits he still gets anxious around a group of women. 

"I think I have put on a mask in front of girls to hide the nerves and anxiety behind a big smile and the jokes, but I'm always overthinking what I'm saying to a girl," he says.

Jayden Darcy, 24, NSW. 

Instagram @darcyjayden.

Image: Channel 9. 

Jayden may be a martial arts expert with a black belt, he is also a self-confessed geek who prefers to be a lover over a fighter. 

This geek may just be the boldest and most confident, admitting years of bullying in high school gave him a thicker skin.

Jason Mihalopoulos, 29, Victoria. 

Instagram: @jase.miha.

Image: Channel 9. 


Next up is self-confessed hermit Jason, who is a data scientist from Victoria. He is also a musician with a talent for multiple instruments. 

His goal on Beauty and the Geek is to meet new people and become less introverted.

Christopher Mattiske, 30, South Australia. 

Instagram: @christophermattiske

Image: Channel 9. 

For a career, Chris is a software engineer, but his real passion is playing Yu-Gi-Oh!, the popular Japanese card game. 

Christopher admits he is extremely competitive but lacks a lot of confidence and hopes to find and meet a Beauty who can bring him out of his shell.

Chris has travelled all across the globe for Yu-Gi-Oh! tournaments, including Las Vegas.


Anthony Farah, 26, NSW. 

Instagram: @captainfizman

Image: Channel 9. 

Anthony is a 26-year-old digital content director, a Harry Potter fanatic and a proud Gryffindor. 

While he admits to being shy around new people, he has found the ability to be confident when it comes to taking part in cosplay - where people dress up as characters. 

Alexander, 27, South Australia.

Instagram: @alexanderwaters_

Image: Channel 9. 


Next up is Alex, who is a maths teacher from South Australia. He currently lives alone with his cat, Coconut, and 18 house plants. 

He's hoping to find the right Beauty who he can discuss philosophy with and show off his extensive library to. 

Aaron Seeto, 30, NSW. 

Instagram: @theflyingoreo2

Image: Channel 9. 

Last but not least is Aaron, whose lifelong dream was fulfilled when he became a train driver. He knows everything there is to know about the profession and the hobby. 

As a man who loves to sit by train tracks and watch them go by, he says his dream date would be taking a girl to a station that has a river and walking track. 

"It would be good to set up a picnic by the water and watch the trains go by," he explained. We totally get it Aaron. 

Feature Image: Instagram @heidimitchelll, @danicaceras, @sammitchell_.

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