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An Adelaide beautician stole her best friend's identity so she could buy a nicer car.

An Adelaide woman has been sentenced to ten months in prison, after using a friend’s identity to buy a car.

Aldina Fanning’s friend had entrusted her with a host of personal information to book a Hawaiian holiday, but the 31-year-old beautician instead used them to obtain a $35,413 car loan and a fake driver licence.

Fanning also redirected the victim’s phone and mail in an attempt to cover her tracks.

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According to The Advertiser, Fanning's lawyer asked the South Australian District Court for a suspended sentence, citing her repayment of the loan and remorse over the incident. But Judge Geoffrey Muecke denied the request, handing Fanning one year and four months in prison with a non-parole period of 10 months.

“Many of her emotions resulted from having deceived, manipulated and taken advantage of by someone she looked up to as a sister and that she loved,” said Judge Muecke.

Judge Meuke also acknowledged that Fanning has a history of offending, including stealing, larceny and unlawful possession.

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