Beau Ryan and his wife Kara share their house with both sets of parents.

How would you and your partner like to live with not one, but BOTH sets of parents?

For some of us, it would be a nightmare – but for footballer Beau Ryan and his wife Kara, it’s an arrangement that clearly works.

While attending the House Of K’dor’s Blanc Diamond Soiree in Sydney on the weekend, Ms Ryan was asked by the Daily Telegraph who was watching her three-year-old daughter Remi for the night.

She then revealed that she shared her house with her husband, daughter, and both her and Beau’s parents. She insisted that it was a win-win set up. “I always get mixed up about who to say [is watching Remi], because they all live together,” she said. “It’s great for Remi, she can go upstairs to one set of grandparents, or downstairs to the other. She’s a lucky girl.” Talk about cosy…


The couple went on to enjoy a much-needed night out.

Their relationship made headlines last year when rumours of an alleged affair between Beau and Hi-5 starlet Lauren Brant surfaced.

Ryan refused to confirm or deny the rumours, but publicly asked for privacy during the controversy.

We’re not sure if we’d be happy to have our whole extended family living under one roof – but if it works for the Ryans, that’s all that matters.

Have you ever lived with your in-laws?