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Beau Ryan posts a selfie with his wife. Facebook says "she looks sad".

Is she sad, or is that a fish gape?

Beau Ryan has posted his first picture to social media since word of his alleged affair came to light.

Ryan, 30, and his wife Kara Orrell pose on the beach in the snap, which he captioned, “You have to fight through some hard days, to earn the best days of your life. #FacebookHatersGonnaHate.”

The post attracted almost 3,000 comments. And hate it they did.

The picture posted to Facebook and Instagram.

Some were merely smart-arsed: “So true high five to you Beau Ryan!!!”

Others were kind of heartbreaking: “She looks sad.”

Personally, I don’t think Orrell looks sad, I think she’s simply trying out the latest red-carpet facial expression: the fish gape (check it out, it’s the new duck face, fyi).

Whatever Kara Orrell is feeling in that pic is obviously something only she knows, but Ryan was clearly anticipating a bit of backlash with his hashtag.

Another Insta shot of the family. Is kissing the new fish gape?

Ryan was a popular former football player who has made a successful career on TV when rumours of an affair saw him publicly shamed.

He’s been married to his high school sweetheart Kara Orrell since 2012 and the couple have a little girl, Remi, 2, together.

His alleged lover? Lauren Brant, 26, a former member of popular kids entertainment group Hi-5.

Lauren Brant. Image via Instagram.

The apparent affair, which came to light in an interview Brant’s ex-fiance Warren Riley gave to Woman’s Day, took a toll on Ryan’s professional life, and he quickly escaped, with Orrell and Remi in tow, on holiday to the US.

He seems to have bounced back pretty well, though. His marriage appears to be intact, and he’s returned to The Footy Show, where he gave a very brief and vague apology to anyone his actions may have hurt.

He has not yet clarified what those actions were.