PSA: There's a new ATO phishing scam you need to be aware of.

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has issued a warning about a phishing scam currently in circulation.

The ATO said scammers are sending fake ATO emails claiming they do not have credit/debit card details required to transfer tax refunds.

The email instructs recipients to login to a fake site called ‘ATO Office Portal’ or ‘ATO Gateway Portal’, where they are asked for information such as their online banking credentials, credit card numbers, limits and addresses.


In a scam alert on its website, the ATO confirmed that all online management of your tax affairs should take place via your myGov account.

The ATO will not send emails with a hyperlink directing anyone to log on to an online service to provide personal identifying information, and it does not have an online tax refund form.

If you receive a suspicious email, do not click on any of its links. You can forward the entire email to [email protected] before deleting it.

The ATO includes additional information on how to verify and report a scam on its website.

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