The story that reminded us how awesome people can be

Miles Scott has been battiling leukemia for most of his life. Diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia when he was just 18 months old, Miles has only been in remission since June. Now, he's making up for lost time.

So when the Make-a-Wish foundation asked him to tell them the wish he'd like granted, it shouldn't have surprised anyone when he said, "I want to be Batkid".

This weekend, that wish was granted.

The city of San Francisco in the US was transformed into Gotham City for an afternoon. 15,000 volunteers signed up online to be a part of the epic event and boy did they pull off one incredible caper. Even Police Chief Greg Suhr got involved and President Obama. Miles' little brother played a starring role, as Robin.

Huge crowds gathered and watched as Batman, Batkid and Robin saved the city from The Riddler and The Penguin. Union Square was filled with an organised crowd who watched on as the caped crusaders did their work. Rushing around in both the Bat Mobile (a donated lamborghini) and the Bat Bike, the heroes even rescued a woman strapped to an explosive device.

Batkid was then presented with a key to the city during a special presentation at City Hall.

Everyone was touched by the event, with hundreds of messages like this posted on Twitter:

1000 copies of the 'Gotham City Chronicle' were produced, telling the tale of how Batkid saved the city. The newspaper was written by none other than Clarke Kent. Batman series creator Graham Nolan even contributed this original image of the day's events.

The event trended around the world with social media exploding with images, photos and uploads of the amazing event. The entire world was cheering for young Miles who has defied all odds to beat leukemia. His family is stunned and delighted at how many people gave their time, money and donated items to grant Miles' special wish. They wish to thank everyone involved. Seeing Miles enjoy the afternoon after almost four years of being subjected to painful treatments must have been so joyful.

Dad Nick Scott said Miles thought he was going to be given a Batman costume. "We come from a very small town, 1,000 people, where it's nothing like this," he told ABC News. "The scale this big is just overwhelming for us. It's nothing we ever dreamed of."

"It's really neat to see how many people have got together for a stranger they don't know and show support for; it's heartwarming."

Watch the highlights here, including President Obama's special message for Bat Kid.

There was a social media frenzy as Batkid saved 'Gotham' from baddies like The Riddler and The Penguin. See them all here.

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