The $9.99 hair product so darn useful, it sells more than two cans every second.

Some beauty products find their way into your bathroom cabinet and rock your world so hard you hope to never be without them.

One of those is dry shampoo.

Salvaging three-day-old hair since we first decided washing your hair everyday is annoying, dry shampoo is practically half-an-hour of time saved in a spray can.

For this reason, it should come as a surprise to precisely no one that Batiste’s Dry Shampoo is one of the most-reached-for items on store shelves.

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To be specific – it’s so popular, 2.25 cans are sold every single second globally.

Since 2017, data shows Aussies have spent $40 million on dry shampoo, which is a lot, considering you can pick up a can of Batiste for $4.95 (50mL), $9.95 (200ml) and $15.95 (400ml).

Oh, it’s also a go-to for beauty editors and celebrities *cough* Jenna Dewan and Drew Barrymore.

As for how to use dry shampoo, it comes down to common sense. Because as much as you wish it was, dry shampoo is not a substitute for actual shampoo.

“Dry shampoo should be washed out of your hair every 24 hours. It’s to get you through, it’s not a long-term fix,” Academie Salon Technical Director and Session Stylist Richi Grisillo told Mamamia.

“It’s putting a powder on your hair and then if you sleep on it, it’s increasing friction that’s in there. Not dramatically [but] it’s one of those things that where you have to be careful.”

Psst, have you heard of opal hair? If you’re game, it’s the colour of 2018. Post continues after video.

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The lesson to be learnt here is that dry shampoo, even one as beloved as Batiste’ should only be a day pass to get you out of washing your hair.

“Dry shampoo is certainly a saviour but it shouldn’t be your saviour every day of the week until you wash it. It should just be that 24 hour leeway, when you’re like ‘Ooh, it’s a bit oily’,” he said.

“I get that some people get naturally oily hair and it’s the only thing that gets them through a few days which I guess is fine, but as long as they’re maintaining it.”

Even though we wish we could use dry shampoo everyday, at least this means our trusty can might last us that little bit longer.


How much do you love dry shampoo on a scale of one to 10? What’s your biggest hair concern?