A mother's bathtime ritual with her sons, aged 10 and 11, is dividing parents.

A mum in the UK caused a stir last year after appearing on national television and talking about the benefits of bathing naked with her sons, aged 10 and 11.

Lauren Libbert said she sees no problem being naked in front of her pre-teen children, and that they bathe together “maybe once a week”.

“I’ve a tiny bathroom but we’ll all scooch together and have a bath together and my boys are very comfortable with being naked and with me being naked,” she told the breakfast show This Morning in March last year.

The segment was asking the question: is it okay to be nude around your kids? And Libbert called into the show via video chat.

The mum-of-two believes it’s not a problem at all and – even though her eldest is approaching puberty – she sees no reason to stop, unless he begins to have a problem with it.

Indeed, she sees bathtime as an extension of sex education and is unsure why people are “confused” by it; she believes it offers clarity.

“My oldest is 11, he’s sort of approaching puberty – at the cusp of it – and they’re both very curious,” she said.

“They’re pointing and laughing and sniggering. They’re asking me questions absolutely, but I answer in a really matter-of-fact way. They ask me questions, What’s that? What are those bumps? Where do they come from?”

Libbert says she grew up in “this environment” and that it’s made her very comfortable in her own skin.

“I was doing this until past puberty,” she said.

“And it doesn’t matter what my skin is like – my body has changed vastly over the years – but I’m still comfortable in it. Isn’t that an amazing gift to give to your children?”

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When will she stop? Only if one of her sons decides he doesn’t want to bathe naked together any more.

“If they start to have issues with bathing together or wandering around naked, I will follow their lead,” she said.

“If all of a sudden my older son decides he doesn’t want to be naked with me or doesn’t like seeing me naked then I will take his lead. It’s up to him.”

The reaction from the public to Libbert’s approach has been mixed.

Many parents are worried about the backlash the boys will likely receive at school, now their mother has taken their story to national television.


Some are questioning how appropriate the situation would be if the genders were reversed:


And there are others who are just saying “no”.

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