Jimmy Bartel expresses frustration with "vile and disgusting" comments made by Barry Hall.

AFL legend Jimmy Bartel has spoken out about the comments made by Barry Hall on Triple M last Friday night, labelling the words “vile and disgusting”.

While commentating the Sunday AFL on 3AW radio, the 34-year-old said, “It upsets me and disappoints me that we’re still in this day and age having these sort of attitudes and behaviours and language views being played out.”

“I was always taught you never say things that you wouldn’t want said to your mother, your sister, your daughter or your wife. And that’s a pretty good golden rule for how you should treat people in life,” he continued.

The former AFL player said we need to change our attitude towards women in Australia.

“Now if you feel comfortable that that’s the appropriate language and behaviour that you want to put in the public domain — which the radio does — we actually need a real adjustment on the attitudes towards women in society. And that’s the really disappointing thing about it,” he said.

The AFL player has opened up about matters of misogyny and domestic violence in the past.


Speaking to Mamamia in 2016, he shared how saddened he is by the rates of domestic violence in Australia.

“I’ve been overwhelmed and a little bit saddened by how common it is,” he said.

“There’s a lot of misconceptions around violence as far as culturally, we have this attitude that it only happens to a certain class of people in certain suburbs, but it happens to everyone; it doesn’t discriminate, and that’s only been reiterated to me by the people I’ve spoken to throughout the year.”

Last night Barry Hall’s wife Lauren Brant opened up about the ordeal on Instagram, writing that the couple had a long and honest conversation about the comments.