How Australia is reacting to Barry Hall's "utterly disgraceful" on-air comment.

On Friday night, former AFL great Barry Hall made a fleeting but vulgar comment live on-air that ended his Triple M radio career.

It was quick, and you might’ve even missed it over the laughs that followed if you hadn’t been listening carefully.

Thankfully, many Australians were listening, and a swift outcry of disgust saw the 41-year-old’s immediate sacking from the FM radio network.

The comment, which Mamamia has heard but has chosen not to publish at this time, was uttered during a pre-game chat segment before Friday night’s clash between the Western Bulldogs and Geelong at Etihad Stadium.

It referenced co-commentator and former AFL player Leigh Montagna’s wife Erin, who is due to give birth next week, and was excessively sexual.

READ FULL STORY: How Barry Hall’s “inappropriate” and vile on-air comment resulted in his immediate sacking.

Following the segment, Triple M Head of Content Mick Fitzpatrick made a statement regarding Hall’s firing.

“Tonight on Triple M Football, there were unacceptable and inappropriate comments made by a member of the commentary team,” he said.

“The commentator was removed immediately from the broadcast and an apology was issued on air afterwards. Immediate action was taken with the termination of employment for one team member.”

Many listeners, including journalists and sports commentators, shared their thoughts on the “misogynistic” conversation on Twitter.






Hall is yet to comment.

If anything, Australia’s reaction to Hall’s comment and subsequent sacking is a sign that this kind of ‘boys club banter’ won’t fly anymore.

Out from behind closed doors, at least.

What do you think Triple M should do next? Do you think they need to take a firm stance by holding their other staff accountable too?

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‘The problem goes beyond Barry Hall’s comments. Let’s talk about how his co-hosts reacted.’

How Barry Hall’s “inappropriate” and vile on-air comment resulted in his immediate sacking.