"I was scared this time around": Barry Du Bois' emotional moment on The Living Room.

Six months ago Barry Du Bois – the much loved presenter of The Living Room, made an announcement.

Despite having spent the past six years in remission, his cancer had returned.

Originally diagnosed in 2016 with plasmacytoma myeloma (cancer of the immune system), Du Bois successfully underwent chemotherapy. But  the 57-year-old later developed multiple myeloma – or cancer of the plasma cells.

Announcing his diagnosis to fans last October, he said his cancer had come back “reasonably aggressively”.

“I got some bad news,” he said.

“We’ve got a cancer in my body that has created several tumours right through my body.”

However, after multiple rounds of chemotherapy, a bone marrow retrieval and a stem cell transplant he returned to The Living Room couch last month, and has since spoken about his struggles with his treatment the second time around.

“I don’t like to admit it, but I was scared this time around,” he said on Friday night’s episode to his co-hosts Chris Brown, Miguel Maestre and close friend and colleague Amanda Keller.

His eyes noticeably began tearing up.

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Previously, he had told The Daily Telegraph that his goal now was to be the “fittest 58-year-old [he] could be.”

“My prognosis out of this could be between five and 10 years. I am going to double that.”

He credits his health changes – from focusing on better lifestyle choices, a healthier diet, exercise, to integrating mindfulness and meditation, as instrumental to his recovery.

So much so, that he’s written a memoir of sorts with his fellow co-host Maester, titled Life Force about his health, family, lifestyle and of course his battle with cancer.

Enthusiastically praising his book, Keller gave it her tick of approval, calling it beautiful, honest and raw.

Complete with stories, advice and recipes from Maester, Du Bois said he wanted to share the expert knowledge he’s received throughout his cancer journey.

“I got my children there, and I’m nearly 58 years old, and I wanted to get down some of the life lessons that I’ve learnt, but also combine that with the great information that we’re privvy to.”

“Everybody’s cancer journey is personal to them, what I’m doing is sharing what has worked for me and hopefully it will help some people out there as well,” he said.

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